Thoughts and input for a newbie

  1. Thoughts and input for a newbie

    First of all hello and awesome site.. Lots of information to read read and read..

    I am new to the getting fit and working out and all that after years of sitting in a computer chair..

    After realizing i was tired of looking down and not seeing my toes or anything else, i got fed up with it. Talked to several people got some input.. Mainly what i would like to know is peoples thoughts on what im doing and taking.
    Basically my routine....
    5am wake up Drink a pre-workout Jackd energy drink
    about 20 mins later get started. Currently i am doing P90 since its a little easier on a fat man like me
    workout is cardio mainly lots of kicks punches to get heart rate up and above 125bpm
    After workout i drink 12oz drink of Muscle Martini for the BCAA's
    and then i take a Optimum 100% whey drink
    Shower and off to work i go.
    Do stop and get a dunkin doughnuts coffee Very cranky if i dont)
    At 8am i take a Finaflex PX 500
    and start my water intake about 80-90oz.
    around noon time i take a 12oz 2%milk mixed withi optimum pro complex to use as a meal replacement.
    around 230pm i take a 2nd finaflex.
    continue drinking dailey water

    about 645pm eat dinner either grilled or baked chicken breast or a pork chop with either peas green beans or corn.

    hit the sack about 11-1130. rinse and repeat.. before i start i was
    225lbs 25.9% bf

    currently 2 weeks later with only 1 week of actual supplements or anything i am down to 215lbs and basically the same bf

    Any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks in advance

    ps. after first week i was down to about 220lbs just wondering if i should change anything to get the fat off or what... as that is my main concern more then anything and not really lifting weight to gain muscle but would be nice.
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  2. I would suggest lifting weights. The more muscle you have the more calories youre gonna burn when youre just sitting around. Plus theres like a million other benefits to having muscle.

  3. Awesome i can see the point there... Im a mechanic by day so not alot of sitting but also not alot of stressful lifting or cardio at work.. And at night im on the computer 90% of the time or riding my bike around with daughter for an hour or so.. As far as lifting weights do you suggest lifting lighter more reps or heavy 5-8 reps with 3 sets ?

  4. Also what do you think of my supplement choices.... The meal replacement shake is mainly so i dont eat mcdonalds taco bell and stuff like that during the day. As i do had a very bad choice in foods i will actually eat.(extremley picky eater)

  5. Protein is fine but your diet is gonna make all the difference. Keep the weight lifting simple do compound movements stay around 10 reps. Make sure you progress the weight every week even if it's only a pound or two.

  6. 90% diet, 9% training and 1% supplements IMO. Retraining yourself for a lifestyle of healthy balanced eating will do more for you than anything else. As far as exercise, it depends on goals but I personally recommend doing what you enjoy, something fun as you are more likely to stick with it.

  7. i agree bpmartyr, i do lose interest quickly if it isnt constantly changing...... im doing good on the road i am going with diet honestly cut down all the fast food sweet tea and all that i know this is baby steps for me, but im not taking them forever lol


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