Expectations from cytomel

  1. Expectations from cytomel

    So I have acquired some t3 and I want to shed some fat before this summer. Upcoming cycle (3.5 weeks from now)

    mdrol 20mg ed w 1-4
    test e 525mg ew w1-16
    tren e 400mg ew w1-10
    injectable dbol (love this ****) 50mg ed w15-18
    hcg 500ius a week starting third week
    clomid 50mg ed w 19-22

    Right now I'm losing between 1.5-2lbs a week, closer to the 2lb. I want to be at about 11% before I start my next cycle and use the first four weeks of the cycle to get to around 8%. I am pretty confident that my cycle is definitely anabolic enough to mitigate muscle loss from the t3. Assuming a 500 calorie deficit, how much can one typically expect to lose running t3 at 100mcg a day? I know this sounds like a newb question, but I really am lost when it comes to t3. We can talk anabolics all day, but "catabolics?" Yeah not so good at that.

  2. Do not take 100 mcg of cytomel. It's the active thyroid hormone. I'm hypothyroid and take 25 mcg cytomel and 88 mcg synthroid daily. If your t3 is high you are risking heart issues such palpitations, arrythmias, tachy cardia. At the least you will get elevated resting heart rate and why you hit the gym, your heart rate could get out of control. Never take prescription meds without prior testing. You could be risking your life.

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