Cut for 8-9months and bulk for 3-4

  1. Cut for 8-9months and bulk for 3-4

    Maybe i am the strange individual here, but i like to maintain my bodyweight,/cut 8-9 months out of the year, and bulk over the summer.

    I know this is very untraditional, but summer dieting for me is extremely difficult. Considering im the cook, and i love to BBQ, i find it only pertinent that i adhere to only amazing food cooked on the BBQ.

    There for home made marinades, candied sweet potatoes, Ribs, pulled pork. you name it ill eat it.

    Since i diet for so long (usually atleast 5 months jan-end of may, and maintain from mid sept- mid jan), i am usually at my leanest as most people would like to be during summer.. Exercise is increased just due to amazing weather, so running and swimming are usually added into my arsenal. So bulking, i may put on some weight but a ton of good muscle mass without putting on much fat. which is the reason i bulk in the summer. Cant escape that incredible food.

    Does anyone else do something similar? if so, what are your current bodyfats, and pre summer body fat goals before starting summer bulk?

  2. I'm sorry I'm not understanding your question at all. What is it your looking to do?

  3. he isn't asking a question.

    he is saying what he does and he is wondering if anyone has a similar routine.
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by soontobbeast View Post
    he isn't asking a question.

    he is saying what he does and he is wondering if anyone has a similar routine.
    Yep, exactly.

  5. Really just depends on the current goals.. I have always thought the idea that "winter is for bulking and summer is for cutting" was retarded and never adhered to it. Diet for whatever goals you have, not based off the season. But then again I am not a fan of that eat everything is sight, get fat and call it bulking only to extreme cut before summer.. Just never really made sense. Maintain BF% and diet for your goals..
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