Poll: Antioxydants - Significant help or money wasted?

Antioxydants : How much do they help YOU?

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  1. toxicity. Look up selenium toxicity and its effects. It's not good if you overdo it.

  2. Selenium can bioaccumulate at doses over 1000mcg per day and become toxic. This is especially a concern for women as it seems to accumulate in fatty areas as well as reproductive organs. Just take 100mcgs per day and don't mega dose it.

    I've been using 100mcgs of selenium a day with about 1600 mcgs a day of folic acid and 600 mg of ALCAR-ARGinate. I have to say, this is been the best antidepressant stack I've ever done. Mood is great and my homocysteine levels are probably good and low.

  3. I have used antioxydants for well over 10 years. As a mainstay I use 9-10 gm of C every day, 800 iu E, and Co-Q10 every day. Not something that will change your life dramatically over nite but I know that I recover from my workouts faster and my joints feel better as well.

  4. Also, I like what Ive read about rosemary extract especially in relation to lipid peroxidation. Been mixing it into my grapeseed to stave off LP caused by daily arginine dosing. Has an odd mental effect at first..good..but odd.

  5. Is anyone taking ALA?

    I personally take 1g on WO days.

  6. Anybody who says antioxidants are no good is a fool. What do you think would happen to our cells if we got no antioxidants?

    I just want to point out the things like vit C and E are all good, but the real power is in phytonutrients like anthocyanins (sp?). So have your fresh dark berries such as cherries, boysenberries, blue berries and just about any plant that is colorful all the way through its flesh.

    I also want to point out that going above 400iu of E can turn pro-oxidant and taking ascobic acid (vit C) is not nearly as effective as taking mineral ascorbates. Low dose (~200mg) r-ALA is also nice for preserving antioxidants I think. Seriously though, phytonutrients is still where it's all at.
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  7. I occasionally eat this Kashi cereal called "Heart to Heart" that has Green Tea and Grape Seed extract in it, among a bunch of other good things. I also supplement with Green Tea.

  8. It is difficult for me to tell the exact affect that antioxidants are having on my body.

    I have been using C for a few weeks.

    I just started using NAC and KR-ALA yesterday.

    Looks like I might be getting some E to go along with it.

  9. I work at a vitamin world, and I was ready to start useing green tea bec of all of its fat burning properties, plus its positive health effects. Then I read an article about its natural ability to " Lower Testosterone Levels." I dont know if anyones done any more research or anything on how signifintaly it effects t levels but i'm gonna start checking up now.

  10. I take 200 mgs of ALA postraining.not the good kind r-k-ala..just spring valeys Ala brand

    used to take nac ; that seemed to work well with my body

    vitiman c i take 3-5 grams a day

    and a Multi of course.

    Quote Originally Posted by djs2000
    Is anyone taking ALA?

    I personally take 1g on WO days.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by NPursuit
    Vitamin C (high doses)
    Vitamin E
    Green Tea

    All antioxidants I swear by, and use everyday.
    That's about what I use.

  12. Changed my life.

    From ages 5-16 whenever I would get a cold or flu (probably once every 3-4 months), they would always last for like 2-3 weeks. I started bodybuilding around the age of 15 and learned a lot about vitamins minerals.

    Now whenever I get a cold or flu, I take 2g of vitamin C and 1 multivitamin every 2-3 hours until I goto bed. Mind you, I only take those doses when I'm sick.

    I know it sounds like overkill but I have never been sick for over 3 days since I was 16 years old using these kinds of regimines. Not once.

    You can check out my current age next to my post count.

    If that ain't a miracle, I don't know what is!

  13. Just out of curiosity, am I the only one who gets a rather unpleasent (for lack of a less graphic term) anal discharge when taking larger doses of green tea extract?

    I start dosing around 1 g at a time, and it gets not so fun.

    Seems if I stick to around 330 mg at a time that I'm okay.

    It took me a long while to figure out what was going on, but when I dropped the green tea extract, the problem disappears. Start it up, bang.

    I still use it. I definitely like its effects. I also supp with vitamin C and E, though I don't really notice their effects.

  14. Yeah, green tea does something strange to me also when I take too much at a time. ALA is also another one that one should be careful about. A few weeks ago I had bouts of nausea and about zero appetite (well, this part MIGHT be useful) because I was having 2.4g of ALA (not the r-ALA). Reduced the dose to about 1.5 to 1.8 gram a day and I'm good.

    mtruther, I'm guessing if you STOPPED using C and E for a week or so, you would notice the effect THEN. If you train hard, that is.

  15. have any of you guys heard of protandim?its expensive but its supposed to be the best

  16. Anyone have any experience with Idebenone?
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  17. I don't feel a difference when I stop taking them but my skin looks a lot better when I do. That's worth it to me.

  18. Do you lift HARD, blondebombshell? My ex-wife lifted pretty hard and when she began taking them, bam, her lifts and definition, energy levels, skin, EVERYTHING was made almost instantly better...


  20. Follow the formula and diy.

    Nothing fanciful.


  21. In theory and application protandim sounds good, some of these supps have unpleaseant sides for some people, mostly gastrointestinal in nature. A person has to experiment and see what works for them and remember to take breaks from all supps on a regular basis IMO

  22. That's not a bad price all things considered. I just mixed up a custom blend of Bilberry, Grapeseed, Broccoli Extract and SOD..that was expensive. I took several doses of plain SOD and wow, you can feel it go to work not unlike that very first dose of grapeseed extract.

    I'll probably just go with Life Extension's Mix from now on. That would save me buying multiple bottles of stuff..vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It's expensive but it is very highly regarded.

  23. I think in some of the best antioxidants are Acai fruit extract/concentrate, Pomegranate concentrate, and blackberry concentrate. Mix some of this with something to reduce glycation (like carnosine), and some ALCAR with k-r-ala and you really are set for a good long life.

    Adding a good broccoli concentrate would be nice. And medicinal adaptogenic herbs like polygonum and gynostemma will round it off very nicely.

    In fact, mix all of this together with some Xylitol and stevia (both have health benefits aside from reducing sugar intake), and you'll actually have a pretty good tasting "immortality" drink.

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  24. Daily
    Vit C 4000 mgs
    Vit E mixed tocopherols 500 mgs
    Green tea conc ex 660 mgs
    Grape seed conc ex 660 mgs
    Gynostemma p. conc ex 750 mgs
    Milk Thistle conc ex 500 mgs
    Polyganum m. conc ex 100 mgs
    NAC 500 mgs
    Co-Q10 50 mgs
    Selegiline 1 mg
    ALA 100 mgs
    Piracetam 3000 mgs
    Spirulina 3000 mgs
    Tumeric 3000 mgs

    Breakfast seems to go on forever with the amount of pills I take. Most thinks I can mix into a drink, which tastes like a karmic payback from a previous life but
    I dont want to become "me"-oxide.
    It definitely made/makes a differents to recovery, mental state, immune response and over sense of well being.


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