Out of control bulk..... Need to cut fast

  1. Out of control bulk..... Need to cut fast

    Ok guys I was doing great, but tried a bulking cycle using some test and got used to eating a ton, which I continued once I came off it. I'm up to 280 with a 38 inch waist. I was at 225 with a 34 inch waist. I need to cut back down quick, so what would you recommend? I was thinking of doing a keto diet but not sure.

  2. a proper keto diet combined with exercise will do well.
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  3. If your sticking with a Keto diet add some cardio first thing in the morning five days a week in a fasted state. Although you will be performing the cardio on an empty stomach down some aminos and keep the cardio at a relatively moderate level, aim for a heart rate ranging between 130-150 for a 45- 60 minute session. I know you want to lose the fat fast but I also assume you want to hold on to your hard earned muscle as well. This should be a good start in getting your waist down to 34 again.

  4. Use healthy foods and Cardio is your friend now... Do a long cardio with moderate intensity... DOn't go crazy with the cardio it might be bad for the muscles you gained... Just cut down the food and add in cardio...

  5. keto or leangains
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  6. Add in some alpha T2 and EC stack... will melt off you
    Or you could take clen

  7. one more... add Erase, works well.


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