Whole-Grain Bread vs Oats

  1. Whole-Grain Bread vs Oats

    I hate oats.

    I buy this whole-grain bread from the "Whole Foods" store next-door. It doesn't contain any flour, so its very low GCI.

    Any reason oats would be better than this? It goes better with my eggs in the morning. Also, I already take psyllium husks for fiber.

  2. I like whole/multi grains better too. Much more flavorfull (in a good way, to me at least) and higher vitamin content too.

  3. Oats have many benifits beyond that of being a medium GI Carb:

    Warming thermal nature, sweet and slightly bitter flavor, soothing, restores nervous and reproductive systems, strengthens spleen-pancreas, builds and regulates qi energy, removes cholesterol from the digestive tract and arteries, strengthens cardiac muscles. Can be used in cases of dysentery, diabetes, hepatitis, nervous and sexual debility, indigestion and swelling including abdominal bloating. One of the richest silicon foods, oats help renew the bones and all connective tissues. oats also contain phosphurus, required for brain and nerve formulation during youth.

    There was a thread recently that discussed wholemeal/grain breads etc.. some wholemeal breads are still heavily processed and are high GI as a result. Stoneground was recommended by Bobo i belive. After that i think multigrain breads are a good second choice, but thats only my view search for the other thread.

  4. Most are not heavily processed but just use enriched wheat flour. This does raise the GI a bit but the rest of the griand remain intact so the GI really isn't much of a concern. Plus I would always advice using these with some sort of protein source even further lowering the GI (if you are extremely worried). Some do use stoneground wheat for their main ingredient and those would have a lower GI as a result.
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  5. the Arnold Natural 100% whole wheat bread doesn't list enriched flour as an ingredient and also does not contain high fructose corn syrup i like the Arnold Natural 100% whole wheat Oat bread the best



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