CKD Experts... Question about Carb Up Day

  1. CKD Experts... Question about Carb Up Day

    Ive been on Lyle Mcdonalds Rapid Fat Loss since last monday and after 11 days I dropped 13 lbs and lost an inch around my midsection and a half inch around my fat glute area hahaha... every other measurment stayed the same and strength increased.

    So I read through the CKD manual... well breifly shot over it.. Just want to know if I got this right. It says I should have about 800g of carbs today, 400g tomorrow, and so forth. It also said today could be sugary carbs (which is what im asking about) and tomorrow more whole grain stuff.

    I had about 30-40g carbs of sugar carbs and about 10-15g protein right before my workout... immedietly post workout I had 80g carbs of waxy maize, 50g protein, and another 20g of carbs from 1% milk... also had 1g of agmatine

    so now it on to the splurging... let me get this right? I can binge on carbs all the way up to 800g as long as I keep the fat content down? Its hard for me to believe I can down sugar like a maniac but my plan now it to have about another 100g+ of carbs (mostly sugar) via a turtle sundae I am going to make with fat free vanilla ice cream, some fudge (like 2g fat but 20-30g carbs) and some carmel (no fat, 20-30g carbs). I also bought a half gallon of fat free milk. Could I really just drink the whole fxcking thing? Im a little leary on the sugar carbs but nowhere have I seen its bad to have a shxtload on your first day of carbing up

    I plan on doing a ton of sugar carbs the next four hours and then jummping to whole wheat spaghetti noodles in sauce... I can easily get 200-300g carbs from that... maybe have a couple glasses of skim milk.

    Also I think my final fat number should probably be lower than 50g or even 80g. Still take the fish oil?

    What do you guys think?

  2. Apparently I might have got that wrong. I should have 800g from today until tomorrow night. I can do that for sure

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