Calculating P/C/F with fitday

  1. Calculating P/C/F with fitday

    Whats up guys, I am just coming off of a timed carb diet and
    am started to design my new cutting diet. I am going to go
    with a 40/40/20 split to start things off and was starting to
    put everything into fitday when i noticed that fitday subtracts
    the fiber from the total amount of carbs which does not figure into
    your percentages, is this correct? Should i count those carbs
    towards my percetages? Sorry if this is a stupid question but it
    seems like a lot of carbs. Also it is counting protein from brocolli and
    oatmeal, should this be a part of the percentage? Thanks in advance.


  2. Well, i set up a diet and this is what it looks like:

    Pre WO Meal:
    1 serving whey (25 gr.)
    1 apple
    PWO Shake:
    2 servings whey (50 gr.)
    50/50 dex/malto mix (75 gr.)
    Meal 3:
    5 oz. chicken breast (boneless)
    1 C. oats (measured dry)
    Meal 4:
    2 packets tuna
    1 C. Brocolli
    1 Slice Pumpernickel Bread
    Meal 5:
    2 Packets tuna
    1 C. oats (measured dry)
    Meal 6:
    5 oz. chicken breast (boneless)
    1 C. Brocolli
    1 Slice Pumpernickel Bread
    Meal 7:
    1 C. Low Fat Cottage Cheese
    1 Tbls. Flax oil

    The totals come out to be:
    Calories: 2705
    Protein: 308 gr. (48%)
    Carb: 248 gr. (34%)
    Fat: 53 gr. (18%)

    I am at 214 at about 16-18% right now and cutting. What do
    you guys think about the diet? Rip it appart if need be. By the
    way i am an endo/meso. Any help would be appretiated, thanks.


  3. Bobo might say you should cut out the malto and dextrose

  4. bobo would be correct...

    All I need is oats, whey & water post-work out.
  5. Talking

    thanks for the info on the PWO shake, but what about the rest of the diet?




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