Diet suggestion

  1. Diet suggestion

    Hello everyone ,I am new to this forum and want to improve myself with the help of this forum
    I want to know about the diet which I should follow to improve myself ....I am a soccer player...5 ft 9 in ...75 Kgs
    Being a soccer player I need to replace my fat with muscle...I am a beginner and want to star as quick as possible
    Please suggest me the diets which I should follow and the exercise I should carry on ...Remember that I am a beginner ,so I don't want to take much strain from the 1st day

  2. Well, cut out all the carbohydrate related foods from your diet like milk related foods, grains etc..and start adding protein rich foods to your diet...

  3. It is very simple, reduce carbohydrate foods and add more protein rich foods

  4. consider drinking smoothies

  5. You can eat well but before start eating drink so much of water. So that you will not have a feel that you are reducing the food habit. some time mind depression plays a very good role in reducing body weight.

  6. Give carb cycling a try to fuel your training with carbs when you need them and drop them on days you don't and replace with pro and fats. Plenty of good reading material out there on this approach. Good luck!


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