Wife needs help with soft food diet

  1. Wife needs help with soft food diet

    She tore her cookie during the birth of my son and needed to be stitched up. The doctor told her to eat soft foods so it won't hurt when she poops. She loves eggs sunny side up but she won't eat toast. What should she eat to get the most nutrition? I don't think she will like meal replacements much,though.

  2. Try a high fiber diet,whole grains,bran,barley,vegtables.. Eggs will constipate you if thats all u eat...

  3. eggs, oatmeal, cottage cheese, MRP's (tell her to deal w/ it, we do), and everything madman suggested.

  4. BTW that sucks.

  5. Chew her food for her, then feed it to her.

    Have her stay away from lettuce/salads/corn. Those will tear her up. Fruit would be good, especially raisins, prunes, grapes to help soften stools.

  6. Agreed, high fiber diet and lots of water. Magnesium also helps to soften stools you may want to check that out as well.

  7. thanks i hope she gets better soon


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