Meal replacement shakes?? Yes or no?

  1. Meal replacement shakes?? Yes or no?

    I Am starting a fat loss stack of Alpha T2, OxyElite Pro, Reduction PM, and Revamp. My diet isn't the best in the world and the way I work it's hard to eat the way I need to. So my question is, is there a good meal replacement shake that would help or are they just crap???

  2. Solid food is always going to be better. Aren't you able to make your food the day before and take it to work? If you diet isn't very good then no amount of fat burners is going to help you lose weight.

  3. Well it's not that bad I just feel like I don't get the proper amount of the good stuff. I eat a lot of tuna and grilled chicken. I take that minute brown rice with me and pop it in the microwave and I do my best to get in a veggie like broccoli or green beans. I just wondered if a shake would help when I don't have a good food day.

  4. something not loaded with fat would be good. Gold Feast would be great for that. makes a good supplement to lunch. 200 cal (full serving).

  5. I just got some Gold Feast and I tastes pretty good.



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