low carb diet

  1. low carb diet

    Well I was going to the gym daily for about 6 months straight. I was getting pretty huge. I ended up breaking my wrist in a motocross accident. I was basically in shock after that. I felt like I couldn't go to the gym anymore etc. Got all depressed, put on some weight but still have a pretty good base.
    I finally got motivated to get back into it about two months ago. I started dieting, eating a lot less food and since I couldn't get in the gym I didn't mind trying the low carb thing. I have been on it for like a month and a half and I lost 30 pounds. I still can stand to lose some more weight.
    My wrist is still screwed though. I started doing some things at home but I still cant do any of my favorite things like chins, bench, curl, etc. But I have started using one of those old rowing machines and someone gave me a total gym. That thing doesn't seem to hurt my wrist too much. I feel like I haven't lost any real size just a lot of bodyfat. My question is when the day comes should I just switch right back into my high carb, high protein diet I was on while lifting like a madman? Or should I keep up with this low carb thing? I think I will try staying low carb for a while and see i f I can put on any real weight. I think because I am basically starting over again my body will just start packing on muscle again like anytime you first start lifting.
    XArmy-----It's nice to see my abs again!!!

  2. If it's working keep at it,but slowly introduce carbs or cycle carbs.After a while your body will get used to low carb and you will stop dead in your tracks.I did low carb for 10 months and lost 70lbs of fat but could go no further.I switched to a balenced Protien ,Carb,fat diet and was able to keep loosing fat by stagering calories up and down..Keto Diets seem to work well but it is important to refeed with carbs every week or so.The leaner you get the more vvcarbs you will need..

  3. Thanks for the advice. I was suprised how fast this low carb thing worked! And I feel really good on it. I was eating really healthy before but I loved carbs way too much. I only ate pasta, grains, breads, etc. Well I guess carbs and a ****load of protein. Now its more just the protein.
    Keep board updated on my progress. Eventually I will post before and afters for everyone. Pretty dramatic now and I consider myself only halfway to my goal.
    ------X Army

    BTW hope evryone is supporting my brothers in Iraq!!!! Dont just send care packages with babywipes, send those guys some protein powder too. They need it shedding bodyweight in that heat!

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