This will be the first time I set out on the journey to compete! ive been lifting for about 4 years now. I originally was overwhelmed I didnít think I had the size to compete and place well. But over the past 2 years I have learned that it isnít about that, not really. Itís about your inner desire and the incredible journey and hard work to get there that is the real reward! And ive dedicated myself to working hard and not let anyone out work me. So if I get beat its because they had a better physique not because the worked harder.
About me:
When I graduated high school I was 5í6 & Ĺ weighting 130 pounds( See pic below). After one semester here at college I gained a lot of weight. I did virtually no exercise and had a steady diet of pizza burgers pasta and chicken strips, I tipped the scale a 170 poundsÖ.so much for the freshman 15. I gained 40 pounds IN ONE SEMESTER! At he start of 2008 I set out to change that and was consistent by the end of that school year I was down to 140 with added muscle. But now that I was slim again I was hooked. I wanted more. I wanted to become a bodybuilder and get as big as possible. Push my body to its limits, NATURALY.
3 Ĺ years later here I am (pics below) same height at 200 pounds. The pictures below are about 2 weeks old and I am now down to 196. I have gained some fat, more then intended, since I was 140 but I also have added a good deal of mass and im happy with that, but ill always want more, you can never have to much muscle in my mind.
So here I am on my first contest prep. There are a serious of shows in my area all spread out by a couple of weeks. Im looking into about 4 because I donít know if ill be able to dial down in time for the first one or two. And id rather diet slow and skip out on those and keep dialing into the other two and conserve as much mass as possible. I donít want to have to diet hard in the last couple weeks and loose precious muscle mass. But input here would be appreciated.
250g protein
225g carbs
55g fats
Total calories = 2400
My carbs are spaced out according to Layne Nortonís Article:
33g breakfast
78g preworkout
56g post
13g rest of day with veggies

Today is also my first reefed and ill be eating at maintenance of 3000 calories
210g protein
470g carbs
30g fats

Cardio is 30 min 3x a week on the elliptical

This is my first ever contest prep and any suggestions from those of you who compete, especially the pros here on the forum would be greatly appreciated. I admire what you guys do and I myself hope to be there.
Also if I could get critiques on my physique as well it would help a lot. Iíve never had anyone take a look before to tell me what I need to bring up and what not.
From my own eyes I see that my shoulders over power my biceps and my chest needs more size as well as my calves. So let me know what you guys think and go ahead and be critical I need it  haha. I know that I am carrying more fat the optimal for an off-season bodybuilder haha.
Thank and I hope you enjoy. Let me know if youd like me to post my training and day to day diet for critiquing me meals