Help with HIIT training

  1. Help with HIIT training

    Because of flat feet issues, I greatly prefer to use elliptical for my cardio over stairmaster or treadmill.

    Age: 35

    For elliptical, I used to do 40-60 minute spurts of H.R. at about 130-150 and burn about 600-650 calories. Usually a setting on a Precor elliptical of about 3-5.

    Now, interested in HIIT training.

    I am trying:
    5 minute warm-up on a resistance of about 7. Get heart rate up to about 120-130.
    Then I start doing 1-2 minute intervals, which gets hart rate up to about 160-170.
    Then I rest for 2 minutes to try and get heart rate back to about 135.
    I keep doing these intervals for about 40 minutes.

    My questions:
    1. Should I do longer higher intensity intervals to get heart rate even higher...more like 180?
    2. When I rest, should heart rate be going even lower?
    3. Should I consider maxing out the resistance to get heart rate quickly as high as possible, but instead of 2 minutes, only do the high intensity for 1 minute with 2 minute rest?


  2. Find out what your maximum heart rate is (google, lots of info and calculators) then during your high intensity shoot for 80-90 percent of that. During your rest period let it come down to 60-70 percent for a bit then continue to repeat. You'll be moving between your anaerobic zone to your fat burning zone. Times are less important in the beginning. You can switch back and forth more often then as you get better your times can increase.
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  3. Also, consider a rowing machine if your gym has one, I'm contemplating picking one up for my house since my gym doesn't have one... with proper form it is an amazing workout, and since your feet are planted and not impacting, it shouldn't aggravate your flat feet.

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  4. I love the c2 concept rower
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