Critique my body.

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  1. Great progress, man

  2. Insane progress man!

  3. Great progress bro I am also looking to cut and will take any advice.

  4. I'm late to the party but my question would've been what your training looks like. Sounds like you've added a significant amount with mma training alongside whatever you were doing.

    Diet is extremely important but with a lack of appreciable muscle mass, training intensity may have very well been the hot spot.

    Edit: whoops! Should've read ahead. Looks like you did pick up training intensity to gain muscle and look at you now. Keep it up

  5. great progess so in total how often do you train.... just the 5 hours a week of MMA combined with running? Im trying to burn fat like yourself, and im slowly getting into my diet. look forward to your transformation pictures! best

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    Thanks for everyone that has looked at this over the past year or so, my training is relatively simple. Crossfit style workouts, mma and a long distance ruck run once every Sunday(70 lbs and 1-3 miles depending on how I feel). I kinda pay attention to diet but not as much as I should, I killed my own meat for the past couple of months I have around 80 lbs of venison left and turkey season is right around the corner. I also had a major surgery from a previous injury on my right leg ,circa Afghanistan, that set me back a couple months in November. I am happy with my progress and I added quite a bit of muscle over a year.


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