Critique my body.

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  1. Well i'm not really going for much more muscle what matters to me is staying in middleweight range So I am wanting to get down to very low fat around 195 pounds then slowly add ten pounds of muscle. My body responds well to anything, it has been fairly easy to loose this fat while still building muscle on Sunday I will post another picture as I am continuing to shape my physique. Thanks for all the suggestions, the fat just keeps coming off, I have really payed attention to a weekly caloric deficit rather than a daily deficit, in a typical mma workout I am burning in excess of 600 calories/ H, I train at least five hours a week, this combined with 2.5 mi fast paced runs and the traditional gym is doing me well. Thanks

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    Where I am today, pretty good I would say, still keeping the diet clean, trying to get that six pack to show through this stubborn fat. I have been targeting abs pretty hard

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    HIIT works best IMO.

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    Where I am today, pretty good I would say, still keeping the diet clean, trying to get that six pack to show through this stubborn fat. I have been targeting abs pretty hard
    Focus more and diet and less on abs.

  5. Thanks for the advice. Will do!

  6. Great improvement man!

  7. Excellent progress, man.

    Keep going.
    This last part is usually the hardest.
    Keep a check on those calories and keep the activity level high.

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    Figured I would throw an update up, I got down below 200 somewhere around 197, then about three weeks ago I decided I was done with shedding fat due to me becoming so freaking skinny, none of my pants fit lol, but hey I lost a great deal of the fat on my body and now I want to gain some muscle. I have gained about a pound maybe a pound and a half in muscle in the past three weeks, and I would like to keep my gaining pace to around 1 lb of solid muscle a month. I am still running two to three times a week, one of those runs is >5 miles the others are just under three. I am not trying to become Mr. Olympia or anything, I just want to put on around twenty lbs of pure muscle in the next year and a half, all naturally. I will continue to upload on this, as it is some motivation for me.

  9. You've come a long way from January, can definitely see the changes! Congrats on the weight loss and keep up the great work!

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    I have been working on gaining some muscle mass and eating pretty clean it feels good to see results like this, I feel like I have come a long way, my core looks thicker from muscle gain and I feel like my chest has come a long way, my diet is dialed in and I weigh around 206 currently. Strength gains have been great. Thanks for all the encouragement I have gotten on this thread.

  11. Great progress, man

  12. Insane progress man!

  13. Great progress bro I am also looking to cut and will take any advice.

  14. I'm late to the party but my question would've been what your training looks like. Sounds like you've added a significant amount with mma training alongside whatever you were doing.

    Diet is extremely important but with a lack of appreciable muscle mass, training intensity may have very well been the hot spot.

    Edit: whoops! Should've read ahead. Looks like you did pick up training intensity to gain muscle and look at you now. Keep it up

  15. great progess so in total how often do you train.... just the 5 hours a week of MMA combined with running? Im trying to burn fat like yourself, and im slowly getting into my diet. look forward to your transformation pictures! best

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    Thanks for everyone that has looked at this over the past year or so, my training is relatively simple. Crossfit style workouts, mma and a long distance ruck run once every Sunday(70 lbs and 1-3 miles depending on how I feel). I kinda pay attention to diet but not as much as I should, I killed my own meat for the past couple of months I have around 80 lbs of venison left and turkey season is right around the corner. I also had a major surgery from a previous injury on my right leg ,circa Afghanistan, that set me back a couple months in November. I am happy with my progress and I added quite a bit of muscle over a year.


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