Anavar + winstrol 50mg of each

  1. Anavar + winstrol 50mg of each

    Just wanna know if this is a good cycle to run for 6 weeks, I'm new to this, I have done weights for a while just wanna get a bit more definition and strip a bit of fat. As I've got a bit of a belly and love handles. I have started a high protein diet also.

  2. No. This is a horrible cycle.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by monstermash
    No. This is a horrible cycle.
    Y is that

  4. you were planning on stacking two DHT based, methylated (liver toxic) compounds. Also, it seems to me like you think steroids will burn fat for you... and even if that's the case you need to research a lot more before jumping into steroids. You'll really need to stick to a serious, well planned diet and exercise regime before moving on to AAS. Just looking out for your health.

    I suggest reading up in the anabolics section here on AM. There's plenty of good info in the stickys to get you started.

  5. I think its ok but you should add some clen, proviron, and cytomel to the cycle and just load up on the milk thistle or pro liver and you should be fine with cardio and a low calorie restricted diet.



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