diet for woman

  1. diet for woman

    Pretty much need advice or a diet for mean plan if anyone has 1 then can send plz pm specifically to lose weight build muscle and stay toned thanks .

  2. I am NOT an expert, but have been talking some people about things to eat when trying to lose weight, and stay lean. Lean meal plans I guess. What are you looking for specifically? I wouldn't be able to help with building muscles though. Let me know if you are interested. I too am trying to lose weight and am following some food plans.

  3. Individualization is key. Both of you will have different caloric expenditures and require different intakes to lose weight. Then, of course, your goals come into play as well. Following a celeb diet out of US magazine will never work.

    First thing to do is figure out how many calories you expend on an average day. Next thing to do is subtract 500-800 from that to lose 1 - 1.5 pounds a week. Then, you can start breaking it down into meals and snack, and figuring out how much macro nutrients you need (carbs, protein, fats)

    It's not an exact science, but it does require some thought and definetly requires individualization.


  4. I agree, it's def good to individualize your plan to fit your needs, thats the hard part though lol. I've been talking to fitness models about nutrition plans, but I like to get more specifics for my needs not something that always works for this problem. With my body type, most things that "work" for others don't work for me.

  5. have you tried the keto diet?? You should definitely read up on it!

    Check out the site for a bunch of recipes for it as well

  6. I've read up on it, now just trying to figure out how to fit it in with my schedule!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by dubfungus View Post
    Pretty much need advice or a diet for mean plan if anyone has 1 then can send plz pm specifically to lose weight build muscle and stay toned thanks .
    1. DON'T focus on SCALE WEIGHT - it's IRrelevant, and if you want to BUILD muscle mass, then your scale weight may not change at all, and if it does, only a little down, or even go up, even if you DO lose bodyfat at the same time or stay lean. BODY COMPOSITION is what is important!

    2. If you want to BUILD muscle, you need to EAT for it!

    3. There is no such thing as "toned". "Toned" is either a) losing bodyfat, b) gaining muscle mass, or c) recomping (i.e. losing bodyfat whilst gaining muscle - usually only done by very experienced trainees who know how to manipulate everything perfectly for them, especially re nutrition).

    4. NUTRITION is going to be the key in whether or not you achieve your body goals. Regardless of what anyone else does, you need to EXPERIMENT TO FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU SPECIFICALLY. INDIVIDUALIZE EVERYTHING FOR YOU! You can start off using a known nutritional method as a "base", but you should be adjusting your nutrition, etc. weekly dependent on your progress from that week, to ensure you get the results you want.

    5. If you don't know how to do all of this for yourself, or don't want to take the time to research and experiment for yourself (check out some of the articles on my website re nutrition and training for your goals), then get yourself a trainer who CAN AND WILL INDIVIDUALIZE EVERYTHING SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU and your goals and needs.

    All the best!

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  8. Rosie, you ROCK!

  9. I think Scivation's The Diet Solution is an amazing format. I currently intake 42p/15f/veggie 3 x a day with 42p/15f/60c 2 x a day (breakfast, post workout) following the diabetic exchange protocol.
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  10. Never heard of that, I will research it! Thanks!

  11. Pending you don't have any swollen lymph nodes, my trainer told me and has worked that lowering a carb count to 80 on cardio days and 100 on weight day. I have been lowering since then and eating more protien


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