Fat burning

  1. Fat burning

    SW: 176
    CW: 164
    Height: 5'9"
    Age: 35
    Body fat % was ~23-25% now ~16%

    Looking to take off another 3%. Not quite going for 6 pack but to at least lose the belly.

    I was considering the following:
    LipotropinPM. I do tend to eat dinner at 7-8pm and it does have carbs. Thought it would be nice to have a little something working in my favor at night that is stim free.

    During Day. Not really into heavy stims. Liked Amino Energy since you can really tailor the dose by doing whatever scoops you want.
    I was also going to throw in a little Xtend for during workouts to get a much better BCAA supplementation than Amino Energy alone.
    Curious about alternative to amino energy. Liked Jack3D but not wanting creatine just yet. Wanted to introduce it after I lost the desired weight.
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  2. Well, no responses yet?

    I decided to go with Fitness labs Diet stack in the morning and 1 hour before workout.

    Xtend during workout.

    I was losing weight anyway with proper nutrition and cardio 5x/week, so figured the above should be enough. Was going to add in lipotropin once I get to 13% or if having a hard time losing the last few %.

    Sound reasonable?

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