Bodyfat % Loss, Muscle Mass Gain Diet

  1. Bodyfat % Loss, Muscle Mass Gain Diet

    Goal: Muscle Mass Gain, Bodyfat% loss.
    Hard? Yes. Impossible? No.

    Running Epistane Cycle with it as well so the extra protein and calories will be put to work.

    6ft. 6in.

    Any other comments you have feel free to state them

    Protein: 615g
    Carbs: 400g
    Fats: 140g

    Meal 1: 8:00AM 82PRO
    24g Whey Protein (Shake w/ milk) WAKEUP
    2 Whole Eggs
    2 whole grain slice
    1 cup Egg whites
    80g Oats
    Multi /B-complex /Fish Oils

    Meal 2: 10:00 AM 65
    2oz of meat
    Peanutbutter treat
    24g Protein (Shake)

    =Pre-Workout 12=
    Taurine (1 hour before)
    Fruit (Banana, grapes, apple orange 0.)
    Epistane (30 mins hour before)

    =Post-Workout 2:00=
    30g Hydrobuilder

    Meal 3: 2:30 PM 159pro
    8 oz of Lean Meat
    8 oz of Lean Meat
    1 cup Red Beans
    1 cup Brown Rice
    2 pieces of cornbread
    AI Cycle Support

    Meal 4: 5:00 PM 125pro
    8 oz of Lean Meat
    8 oz of Lean Meat
    1 serving Veggies
    1 Baked Potato
    Multi / Fish Oils /

    6:30 PM- Epistane

    Meal 5: 10:00 PM 113pro
    7 oz of Lean Meat
    6 oz of Lean Meat
    1 Baked Potato
    130g carbs

    Meal: 12:00 AM 40pro
    24g Casein Protein (Shake)
    Cottage Cheese
    4 Capsules ZMA
    Fish Oils

  2. damn dood, that is a hell of a lot of protein. I did a double take when I saw that number, Best of luck to you

    I have a hell of a time getting around 300g of protein, by 2pm I am usually sick of eating and it takes me a half our to eat a meal

  3. 615g protein is WAY unnecessary.

    400-450 is ok, and understandable especially on anabolics, but probably not necessary either.

    Increase your fats much higher and drop your carb intake, contrary to popular belief u dont NEED all that much to gro

  4. Waste of money bro. No one not even Ronnie coleman needs that much and he's like 306 pounds on stage
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

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