Update on Weight loss

  1. Update on Weight loss

    Thanks all of your guidance
    Height: 5'9"
    Age: 35
    SW: 176
    CW: 164
    Body fat % is now 16.2% and was about 25% (was not official measured but a trainer expected about 25%)

    Still looking to lose a little more abdominal fat. I know its touch to get definition, but want the "buldge" gone before starting to bulk.

    Anyone have success or familiar with African Mango. Was going to use it to also help with cholesterol.

    Is it really important to change cardiovascular exercise. I really like doing elliptical, but was told I wold be better off throwing in some stair climbing, treadmill or even zumba instead to vary routine.
    I figured burning calories is burning calories regardless of how you do it.

  2. Congrats man !!

  3. Thanks. I'm just looking for any extra tidbits of help to make it maybe 3 more % body fat loss, and then some diet suggestions for easy ways to protein load when bulking.

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