Clen crackhead!!

  1. Clen crackhead!!

    I've started my FIRST clen 2 week cycle. I did plenty of research on proper techniques, dosages, etc. I've taken stims before & drink coffee/pop daily, but man, I felt like a raging crackhead...& love it!!! Started 20mg with daily increases until shaking outta my skin, which currently sits at 80mg. I was initially planning on going up to 120mg, riding that, then doing a milder taper down, stoping at the 14 day mark. Guess I won't need as many tabs as I thought, so I'll be able to do another week after the 2 week break!!

  2. My boy accidently sent me clen instead of winstrol (in a loose bag), so after I popped a few of those, within about 6 hours, I was so shakey I couldn't hardly work. I thought maybe I had developed an allergy to winstrol, or maybe I had received a REALLY good batch (or BAD batch)... either way, I knew something was off. I called him, told him what the tabs looks like, and he was like "ohh, I sent you clen". Then he sent me the winstrol for free, so I guess it turned out ok. =)

  3. Wow, popped a couple?! Man, I gotta space mine out through the day otherwise I would shake myself outta my skin!! Glad you clen & some winny for 1 price!!

  4. How's the fat loss then with Clen?

  5. If been on it about a week now, and I've gotta say; I've noticed the fat coming off nicely. True, I shake like I've drank about 20 cups of coffee, but I think that it's worth it 2 weeks at a time. I haven't check my body fat, as I was going to do it after the 2 week cycle. I was at about 16% & I believe I'm probably about 15.5%. Doesn't seem like much; but I can definitely tell a difference just by look.



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