Just a few questions

  1. Just a few questions

    Hey everyone and thanks in advance for your responses. I just had a few general questions regarding dieting and weight loss. Im 29, 5'7 , and about 205 LBS. I would like to lose about 25 LBS or so. I have been told to eat 6 times a day but that is where the problem starts. I drive for a living so I need to come up with food I can put in a igloo cooler. Im hoping someone has a few suggestions. Next question is what type of workout should I be concetrating on for wieght loss. My job has me going to convienence stores all day so the temptation is always there to pick up some junk food between stops but in the month and a half I have been there the only thing I have bought is a few bottles of water here and there. I also tend to park as far away from the entrance to the stores as possible so I walk a little more. IM hoping someone on this board can assit me in these matters because I dont have the first clue where to start. Thanks a bunch

  2. Good items to carry in a cooler:
    Tuna w/fat free mayo
    Canned chicken premixed w/fat free mayo
    Bagels or whole wheat/multi grain breads
    Brocolli or other green veggies
    Hard boiled eggs
    flax oil
    Skim Milk
    Diet soda
    Crystal light

  3. Cottage cheese (I like it with no sugar added jam or Splenda)

  4. Anyone else??

  5. Quote Originally Posted by slipondajimmy
    Anyone else??
    There isn't really much else, those foods listed are the basics that you need... it provides all the nutrients you should be after

  6. NP hit all the ones you will need.. it is not that hard... hell I have been eating almost the same foods for the last month..... thanks to Bobo but not complaining because I am shedding bf..

  7. Chicken breasts
    Cottage cheese
    Salmon packs
    Beef Jerky
    If you stop and need a snack because you are hungry I woudl suggest grabing some nuts or sunflower seeds.

  8. Thanks For the info everyone. I have been reading posts about bobos training and it looks like a really good option. Ive been a pudgy bastard long enough....lol I will give your suggestions a try and then consider all of my other options.


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