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  1. energy content

    so i just bought some mission whole wheat low carb tortillas and was wondering if the 21g of fiber is actually used as energy or if it just gets things, uhh, moving. And how much of the carbs are acually used as energy- is it the 10g net carbs.

    the macros are: fat: 4.5g (1g sat)
    carbs: 31g (21 g fiber, 0 sugar)
    protein: 8g
    cal: 200

    oh and does anyone know if these happen to be low gi?

  2. Fibers generally provide a small but non-negligible energy content. I 'think' we are looking at like maybe 1-1.5 kcal/gram or something like that for most fibers due to energy creation by intestinal microflora. Fiber like that won't be stored as muscle glycogen, so you wouldn't want to count on that as a significant energy source or an aid in adding meaningful amounts of calories (unless you eat exhorbitant amounts, most ppl don't).

    The 10grams carbs will be used for energy just like other starchy carbs at around 4kcals/gram. They can be stored as glycogen etc., and used in a normal fashion. With that amount of fiber, I would think digestion would be fairly slow and GI would also be much reduced compared to normal tortillas.


  3. thanks Cardinal, that was exactly what i was wanting to know

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