Schwellington trims down before his next bulk

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  1. Did legs this morning
    Squats super set with curls
    365x7 x6x6 70lbsx8x8x8
    Leg extension super set with concentration curls
    230x8x8x8 35x6x6 20x8
    Hamstring curls
    Who wants a pic today?
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie


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    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  3. Hey slut I told you I had a log like five days ago! Where Morrys bish ass be? Yuh
    Today was heavy back superset with light shoulders switched routine up a bit to keep it fresh

    Barbell rows super set with lateral raises
    205x6 215x6(pr) 215x6 30lbsx6 25x6x6
    Dead lifts 405x6x5x6 super set with behind neck barbell press 90x10x10x10
    Lat pull downs super set with rear delt
    230x6x6 220x6

    Diet is good had some broccoli and cheese soup don't know how many carbs a
    Where in that or f it was ok? Other than that been on point tomorrow is an off day calorie will be about 1800 with cardio thrown in
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  4. As stated today is an off day protein will be at 300 grams fat at 80 grams and no carbs will be doing cardio today for thirty minutes
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  5. Picture again tomorrow seen some nice changes these past five days
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  6. So I'm having a refeed day it's been eight days of under 2300 calories and always 100 or less carbohydrates it's time three slices of pizza a home made burrito and a pumpkin muffin to refill the glycogen stores for another 8 to 10 days of madness
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  7. I'm subbed!

    Good to have you back Schwel!

  8. Awesome thread so far subbed... funny mofos in here I love it. ****ed **** betting against him like that omg it was funny to read. Food luck man u can do it gos knows I can't lol stuck at 13% over here!!!
    Corn is to popcorn as, prohormones are to steriods...

  9. Welcome guys yeah I'm at 13 right now in my profile pic I was about 11 I think I'm not NOT bulkin til I'm at ten percent just self defeating I think I went HAM all day on food (hard as a muthafocka) so yeah I will make up for it no cheating on Christmas my next targeted refeed day is going to be new years eve and new years day that gives me about two weeks of hard cutting now that I'm going to school and not selling cars anymore I got a lot more time back to weights AND cardio everyday 5-6 days a week HAM
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    Pics abs are more visible than last week
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  11. Took the day off as I'm on a train home to texas tomorrow I will do back with some heavy dead lifts and cardio in the evening I'm looking to add in a low dose of ostarine but I wanted to know how toxic is it to the liver and lipids?
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  12. Ate some McDonalds....... I have been on a train for 28 hours.... God I feel like a fat ass - wont let it hold me back though buckling back down at 13% will reach 10 by th end of January
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  13. subb

  14. Quote Originally Posted by schwellington
    Ate some McDonalds....... I have been on a train for 28 hours.... God I feel like a fat ass - wont let it hold me back though buckling back down at 13% will reach 10 by th end of January
    Is that realistic im at 13% also, I was curious how long quick at like 1700 cal it would take me to get to 10% or if I would need to go lower in calories than that. Im 171-174lbs

    Are u counting calories or logging all food intake?
    Corn is to popcorn as, prohormones are to steriods...

  15. I'm counting calories AND logging all food I eat. My staples day in and day out: lean beef chicken whole eggs whey isolate. Skim milk, Naked Superfood. Organic peanut butter and olive oil my diet is built from these things day in and out current calories is 2k my maintence is about 2500 so I'm eAting 500 under maintence an ld lifting and doing cardio. Is it possible? Well I need to loose three percent Bodyfat I weigh 225 so let's see here that's 6.75 lbs of pure fat I need to loose in order to drop three percent of 225 so is it possible in 4 weeks? Easily
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  16. Aight man I right there with u, 3% in 4 weeks. Im pretty bad about cheating so im taking it day by week by week. Im gonna run ECY stack once my taurine shows up, you take anything for appetite?
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  17. Ha NM I thought I should go back and check your first post for supplements, I see the ECA stack now. I can run E with out 5g of taurine. my neck cramps so bad It gives me headaches without the taurine.
    Corn is to popcorn as, prohormones are to steriods...

  18. I feel you on the cheating man but overtime I have disciplined myself. I have resigned myself to the fact that my metabolism sucks. My genes work great for packing on muscle. But fat comes with it easily too, the cut for me is the hardest part but I've snapped mentally and I'm going to reach it period I want it I have my eyes on the prize and it ain't to far out! Just grind hard! ECY is a great stack very synergistic. Today's back workout was great I supersetted triceps to keep the heart rate up

    Close grip rows superset with tricep one hand pull downs
    175x8 185x8 185x6 pull downs- 65x8x8x8
    Pulups wide grip superset with skull crushers
    Pulup x 7x6 x5 70lbs x8x8x8

    Tbar superset with French press
    90x8x8x8 50lbsx10x10x10

    Ended the workout with underhand close grip pull downs for Lara

    Got cardio this afternoon
    These are my target macro for the day
    Protein300 fat 80 carbs 60
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  19. Went a tiny bit over my target calories and sadly i did eat peanut butter but it was not natty (home with the family) so i got those nasty hydrogenated oils- but im going to the store tomorrow to stock up on the good stuff

    cardio was 25 minutes long due to some insane shin splints that came out of no where- all in all it was a good day protein was about 260 grams, fat about 105 and carbs about 110

    which puts me at about 2400 calories

    considering i worked back super set with triceps and went heavy on everything for about 35 minutes total workout time- estimating at the least 300 calories burnt here
    and another 250 estimated burnt in cardio

    putting me at a net of 1950 before just living(probably another 400 or more)

    so it was ok, not what I want though

    tomorrow is legs with biceps- i WILL hit 2200 calories period
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  20. i hate cutting too... i feel ya on all front my friend
    RecoverBro ELITE

  21. Quote Originally Posted by mattrag
    i hate cutting too... i feel ya on all front my friend
    I love cutting AND I crazy?!
    Recoverbro Elite
    "This is what we've been working on"

  22. no I have a love hate thing with cutting. I love seeing the progress but HATE doing the work- cutting is not easy for me with my genes- possible- oh yeah just no room for mistakes as a cheat day can set me back 3-4 days of hard work.

    Diet goals for the day
    protein-275 grams
    fat-80 grams
    carbs-60 grams

    Muscles being trained
    Legs and Biceps

    Cardio in the evening

    will not be doing squats- my lower back is still kinda sore-i do not want to over strain it- in its place i will be doing some leg press, hack squats, leg extensions, and some ham string work- all heavy

    biceps will be in the 6 rep range heavy

    cardio- 30 minutes (unless shin splints occur again)
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  23. Christmas came early the folks supplied me with a bit of dough to do what I want with it(200) this is what schwell got
    1 bottle transform Sd Extreme
    1 bottle epi plex by hard rock formulations
    1 5 lb tube of nutrpro
    1 tub of scvation bcaa
    1 package of ostarine
    1 package of clomiphene

    Hello more weapons in my arsanel
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  24. Nice christmas lol I would put it all in a basket and take a neat picture just for fun haha

    PS i relapsed too **** i cannot control myself...starting over for me good luck
    Corn is to popcorn as, prohormones are to steriods...


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