Diet help

  1. Diet help

    I need a little help on my diet.... First off im a ecto that if I didnt workout and eat my brains out would be looking at 5 nine 125 pounds.... So basically my stomach isnt that great and I have a fast metabolism. Right now ive bulked up to around 168 and around 7 percent body fat. Ok so my diet isnt that great I just eat a LOt of protein and then scarf down all the food I can eat. I maybe get 280 grams of protein on good days.... Now im a big cheater, and I noticed unless I dotn cheat (pizza, wings,fast food) a few times a week i lose fricken weight. I try to get in 8 meals a day but I feel like im gonna throw up when a eat a tiny bit. (must have a small stomach) Well my question anyways is is it ok to eat lots and lots even if its bad for you food I need to gain weight and I cant see myself eating the same thing everyday like you guys and your awsome diets.... Am I just gonna be a big fat ass eventually or do you think I have the body type that I can eat what I want and then maybee even do a cutting cycle to get rid of some of the extra fat and will I be ok.

  2. What you eat doesn't need to be junk. But it will need to be calorically dense (given your small appetite) and flavorful. Try to limit your fiber intake and pick foods that are both healthy and that you enjoy. You can still avoid overly processed crap and all the additives that usually go with it.

    Making healthy food choices can be considered as a separate goal, regardless of what your bodybuilding goals may be at the time.

    Mainly, what I am getting at already have a license to eat as much as you want while not getting fat. Taking advantage of that is obviously fun. If I were in your shoes, I sure would use it from time to time. But creating a state of optimal health can go hand in hand with bodybuilding also. Making junkfood choices frequently won't really work toward that end.

  3. I agree pretty much with what cardinal said. Here is my quick 2 cents: Eat. Eat to gain muscle, whether its clean or not. If you can only gain muscle and stay at around 7% bodyfat like you are with eating some junk, dont give it up and force yourself to eat only clean.
    With all that said...LEARN and understand good nutrition. Start trying to eat more clean as you develop, and try having your "base" meals and calories come from clean sources and then add calories with other stuff on top. Besides just fat prevention, eating clean can help energy levels, general well being and mental clarity so that is a plus as well. Finally, you may not always get away with eating sloppy, so knowing and being able to eat clean with help you in the future. But #1 priority for you is FOOD, period.

  4. Hopefully you will always have a high metabolism. At your age there is a good chance that it will stay higher than most, but it will start slowing eventually.

    I was 6'2" and 135 in highschool. No matter what I ate it would not stick. Now look at me 6'3" and 270. Damn, that last inch was HEAVY!

  5. TB, good advice above, look for calorie dense food, peanut butter, healthy fats etc. And it can be easier to drink calories than to eat them. Read the nutrition & diet forum lots of good info. You may well get away with eating garbage now and staying pretty lean but as you get older that may well change, in addition you have to consider your long term health, sure junk may help you bulk but its probably not doing you much good.



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