Cutting Ab's

  1. Cutting Ab's

    You have all been assume with assisting me get to my goals.
    Starting Weight: 176
    Current weight: 165
    Height 5'9"
    Age: 35
    Not really sure about body fat %..I believe about 20-22%. Could be very wrong since I haven't checked with all the weight loss.

    I have been working out about 3x/week...although missed 3 weeks for illness
    Cardio about 4x/week

    I am curious what goal body weight based on height and frame should I be expecting to achieve some abdominal definition.
    I know that can't really be answered based on anything scientific without assessing me in person, but wondering if there is any guidelines to know what ideal weight should be for me.

    It's amazing what cutting off fast food, soda, and just doing ellipitical can actually do. But, I have been lifting weights as well to help preserve muscle mass and to burn more calories overall.


  2. Thats a pretty difficult question to answer without knowing your exact body fat percentage.

    Assuming your a beginner who hasn't strength trained for more than 6 months; your estimate of 20% sounds correct given the amount of lean mass you should have.

    The average male within the healthy weight range with no training experience at your height is 158 pounds and 20% bodyfat. An average male such as this would see abdominal definition at 135-140 pounds. Assuming you are at 20% bodyfat this would put an estimate for you at 140-145 pounds.

  3. Yeah, from what I've come to understand you start getting solid abs at ~10% bodyfat. So you have around 10% more to go. What kind of rep scheme are you following?

  4. It is all dependant on bodyfat percentage. The leaner you get, the more definition you get. I suggest getting some calipers to measure your progress. Ab definition really starts coming in around 12% bodyfat and you will see the outlines of a six pack around 10%. It only gets more defined the leaner you get obviously.
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  5. Hello,
    Well, I guess my confusion is I would like to build more muscle in arms, chest, etc...but after discussions on this forum, most believed I should shed fat (abdominal fat) before trying to build muscle.
    So, I have been trying to do lifting 3x/week and about 30-50 minutes of extra elliptical training 4x/week.

    For lifting, it is a bit erratic because of my work schedule as a vet.
    I am trying to do chest/bi's, back/tri's, shoulder/leg split.

    I usually will do a warm-up of whatever work-out and then about 8-10 rep's of about 3 sets.

    I have bad anterior deltoid atrophy from 5 shoulder dislocations so certain overhead exercises I can't do.
    I focus on:
    Bench press, machine incline press, cable press and flyes
    Alternating one-arm bicep curl, barbell curl, cable curl
    Tricep pushdown, dips
    Cable row, one-arm dumbbell row, lat pulldown
    front dumbbell lunges, dumbbell squats, standing calf raises,
    and a few others

    It worries me to go from 176 (albeit overweight) down to 145ish. 145 just sounds so light!

  6. I would add in some proper back squats and deadlifts, both with proper form.

    As for ab definition, most people start to get it once they reach the very low teens, although some don't get it until they dip into single digits. It's all about diet really, and that's the hardest part of it all.

    Lastly, get on an exercise program, either one you create yourself or follow a pre-prescribed program. That way you'll have goals and can measure your progress to keep you motivated.


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