My Adipose Attrition Chronicle

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  1. My Adipose Attrition Chronicle

    I've finally decided to get serious and set some health and aesthetic goals. Within this thread, I wish to chronicle my "cut" phase, and discuss my observations, opinion, and other miscellanea along the way. That, and I need to earn some posts before I can post links and pics. Sorry in advance if this is too long for those with ADD or short attention span.

    Age: 33
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: ~150 lb
    Body fat: 20% (estimation)
    Waist: 34.5" (at navel, trying to rest and let my gut out)
    Right Upper Leg: 20.5" (standing, at rest)
    Right Upper Arm: 11" (extended, not flexed)

    As of this writing, the weight and fat% are approximate. I didn't weigh myself this morning before writing and based on appearance, I know my bf% isn't 14%.

    What I plan to do:
    Test some hypotheses, challenge some beliefs, and lose lots of fat. Specific goals are to obtain visible abs for only the 2nd time in my life (cut), and to be more attractive to the opposite sex (recomp / bulk). I'm fortunate to have otherwise decent health markers, so improvements there will be a bonus. The actual deadline is July of 2012 (more on that sometime later) but with just the cut, I'll be happy.

    At the end of this phase, I'm not concerned with the weight number, but the waist measurement will be telling. To meet my goal for the cut, I'm thinking my waist has to be 28". We'll see. I also will try to verify weight / body composition with BodPod measurement. I'm lucky there's a guy around here who travels and provides this at either his house or local gyms.

    Diet and Exercise Strategy:
    At this instant, I don't plan to do resistance training. Sounds alarming, but it's not permanent. See, I have all of my equipment in my basement. There's a leverage system, about 350lb in plates, 5-55lb dumbbells, cable pulldown station, chin up station, hex bar and standard bar. Only problem is that I'm doing a little mold remediation down there and it's going to be a while before I feel comfortable sucking wind in there. So... I plan to utilize calorie restriction, intermittent fasting, and walking.

    We can surmise that my BMR is 1600 if you consider my full weight, but likely closer to 1450 if we consider just my lean mass. Therefore, to try and achieve better results, I want to keep my calories under 1200. I've considered relaxing this a little bit on the weekend, but haven't decided what to try. This will be tough for me, given my habits. I want to do the leangains style eating window, 8 hours on, 16 hours off. I'll share what meals I'm eating.

    Have not decided yet. Will probably minimize this greatly, but will share what I end up taking.

    My workout partner (dog chow) and I will go on walks, generally from 2-5 miles, doing so 5x or more per week. In other words, approximately once a day, but not on days with rain... that kind of sucks when it's getting cold out.

    1) To reach my goal, my macros will not matter, only calories. 1200 tops, and as long as I get some of each macro, it's good.
    1b) This will help with adherence by way of variety and keep me from tiring of certain foods.
    1c) It also should bring about a cost savings on food.

    2) I'm not gonna shrivel up and die. I'm already a "small" person, relatively speaking, and have accepted that. I say, "bollocks," to "starvation mode" or worries of detrimental muscle loss.
    2b) Protein intake at 40g+ per day (averaged over the week) will be adequate.

    3) Walking will be all the cardio I need, nothing more.

    I have to hurry my ass up because I have errands to run before I go to work. Anyway, from here I begin the journey, the discussion, and, hopefully, the inspiration for myself and others to try and achieve the same.

  2. More than likely, I'll do partial daily postings... mostly just to check in and keep tabs on myself.

    So far today - got up at 4:30am (couldn't sleep) but walked nearly 3 miles in 41 minutes with dog chow according to GPS tracker. Did so with 30lb weight vest and averaged 4.3mph(!) for the trip. Plan to break the fast at work around 11AM.

    Ok, it's been a while since I used the weight vest, but the lifting I did earlier in the year has paid off. It wasn't as much of a burden as it was when I first started walking, earlier this year. Apparently I already walk fast, but I was surprised I could practically keep the pace while wearing 30 more pounds.

  3. Side effect of getting up early = being dead tired at 7PM, so I passed out.

    Just got up and tapped a kidney. Using my scale, it read 150.6lb and 14.7%. No need to take the percentage seriously, it's probably at least 3% off, but it will be useful to account for decreases in fat mass. I'll take weight measurement 1x per week, on Mondays here on out.

    Yesterday's Intake:
    2x Tbsp chia seeds for fiber
    2x 1/4 cup sunflower seeds
    2x leftover thin crust pizza

  4. You really need to do some resistance training otherwise you will lose fat free mass at a rate of 1 pound of fat free mass per 4 pounds of fat lost. This is the expectation of weight loss without resistance training in scientific literature.

    I understand you can't use your home gym until your renovations are complete but you can still do calisthenics exercises which should address the problem.

    Many different types of pushup variations, body weight squats and ab exercises can all be done without equipment. If you can find a place to do the different chinup/pullup variations then you have a complete body workout with calisthenics.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Rethink View Post
    You really need to do some resistance training otherwise you will lose fat free mass at a rate of 1 pound of fat free mass per 4 pounds of fat lost. This is the expectation of weight loss without resistance training in scientific literature.
    Well, how 'bout we (I) put that to the test. I was able to schedule a BodPod session for Wednesday of next week, so I'll have an actual LBM/FM reading to go on. The tester won't be available again until sometime in January; I probably, realistically, won't be able to schedule until late January, anyway. The big "IF" is if I can maintain what I expect to accomplish between now and then. If the results are comparable or worse than you state, then I'll clearly have to change course. If it proves to be more damaging, then it won't be too long of a depression. I still have until July to work things out.

    The other variable is supplements. I haven't even taken anything for a week. I remember reading about how anti-inflammatories / anti-oxidants might be a factor in inhibiting training adaptations. This made me wonder if said supplements may inhibit the adaptation of losing weight. And, if so, it stands to reason that others may inhibit the loss of LBM.

    That said, I've generally agreed with much of the stuff you've shared with others.

    Ok, so to today's info. I'll try to provide caloric content if I can.

    2.5 mile walk w/ dog chow, wearing 30lb vest

    Had a couple cans of Coke Zero

    Main meal:
    1 tbsp chia seeds - 60 cal
    1 jar spaghetti sauce - 400 cal
    5 frozen meatballs - 333 cal

    Last "snack":
    1 tbsp chia seeds - 60 cal
    2 tbsp coconut butter - 180 cal
    1 Guinness Extra Stout - 180 cal

    Estimated intake of 1213 cals, not too bad. Extended the feeding window to 9 hours, since a side job sort of screwed me over. But will resume 11am - 7pm eating schedule I've set. Accidentally dropped some solid coconut butter remnants on the floor and found out dog chow is a fan of it, now. Off to the store to get some apples, eggs, spaghetti sauce (10 for $10 sale!) and double-fiber wheat bread.

  6. Day 3: 2.5 mile walk, no vest. Very difficult time getting moving this morning, but made it through. Messed up a bit, as I took an extra handful of sunflower seeds during a conversation at work and almost forgot to count the chia seeds. Slightly overshot the goal, but it is still much, much better than the entire large pizza that I could've ordered and eaten, like I did last week before Thanksgiving.

    11am meal
    1 cup Mozzarella Cheese = 320
    1 apple = 80

    Sporadic snacking at work:
    3/4 cup Sunflower Seeds = 540

    6:30pm meal
    1/2 cup Mozzarella = 160
    1 apple = 80
    2 oz beef jerky = 120
    1 tbsp chia seeds = 60

    1280 calories.

  7. Yesterday: Walked 3 miles. Started off good, but ran into one of a handful of challenges that I expect to face until the New Year. Already finished eating this:

    1/4 cup pumpkin seeds 180
    1 cup mozzarella 320
    2 bread slice 100
    2 tbsp sunbutter 200
    2 Apples 180
    1 tbsp chia 60
    2 scoops protein 200

    But after that, I had to fix a computer and, as was the case numerous times before, the reward was a home cooked meal. Since they're elders, and they still know me as an eater, I didn't make a stink about it (it was steak, after all). But I probably ate double my total for the day, so I will be focusing on eating minimally today. I'll be having some coffee and taking my bag of chia seeds with me.

    Speaking of challenges - yesterday was an emergency/surprise, but with the many holiday parties at work, at least I know in advance when they are and can plan ahead by extending my fast. I'll also be spending Christmas with a friend's family, and that might require 2 a day walks that week. Once that's over, things will calm down.

  8. Ok, so I likely ate around my usual goals, anyway. Did not walk first thing this morning, but just got back from walking 3 miles with the 30lb vest. Pace was a little faster than usual, but that may have been aided by the pint of diet Dr. Pepper I had beforehand. Oh, and the numerous deer that dog chow wanted to chase.

    1 cup Mozzarella = 320
    1 tiny apple = 60
    1/4 cup sunflower seeds = 180
    3 tbsp chia seeds = 180

    That's 740 calories of measured intake. Enjoyed a couple of cookies at work and one rum ball (it was a special treat for the office, so I had to test). Even though it wouldn't seem like much, I'm going to say it was likely 500 calories on top.

    As it stands, complying with this approach hasn't been too hard these 5 days. Getting up around 5:40am and falling asleep by 10-11 has helped a lot, because there's no nighttime craving / hunger element. On the other hand, I get annoyed pretty fast with the mozzarella servings, because I get mad cravings once I've had a 1/2 cup. I don't seem to experience the same thing when I eat 1/4 cup of sunflower seeds. I felt most satisfied when I ate the pasta sauce and meatballs, so I'll probably repeat that more often. Still have many varieties of foods to try. Feeding window has been between 10-11am and 6-8pm, except yesterday.

    Weekends are the next challenge. Normally, I enjoy them as lazy days and eat pretty heavily, especially around college football and NFL on TV. This time, I'm going to skip my normal pizza and consume the bread and apples I got a couple days ago. The money saved on the pizza can go toward my Bodpod tests... haha. Speaking of, I'm really looking forward to this coming Wednesday for my stats.

  9. You need to start eating alot more calories than that. You're more active then me, weigh more than me, and taller than me yet you eat less than half of what i eat. I eat 2600 calories and still lose weight. You should also be consuming 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight to help preserve muscle mass.You're supposed to multiply you're bmr buy an activity factor to find the amount of calories needed to maintain your weight THEN subtract 300-500 calories. I would say you have an activity factor of 1.4 so multiply your bmr by 1.4 THEN subtract 300-500.I promise you'll lose weight and preserve at least some muscle mass if you follow my advice.

  10. EDIT: I weigh more than you but STILL follow my advice!

  11. In for this. I share your thoughts on 1,000-1,200 calories a day... I'm down 87 pounds this way, and did I lose a little muscle? Of course. Did I lose nearly as much as everybody seems to think... nope.

    Keeping an eye on your journey.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by 2610jimbuck View Post
    You need to start eating alot more calories than that. You're more active then me, weigh more than me, and taller than me yet you eat less than half of what i eat. I eat 2600 calories and still lose weight. You should also be consuming 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight to help preserve muscle mass.You're supposed to multiply you're bmr buy an activity factor to find the amount of calories needed to maintain your weight THEN subtract 300-500 calories. I would say you have an activity factor of 1.4 so multiply your bmr by 1.4 THEN subtract 300-500.I promise you'll lose weight and preserve at least some muscle mass if you follow my advice.
    Well, I'm flattered that you think I'm more active, but, truth be told, this is what a typical day for me looks like:

    Get up, take a long walk with the dog, then go to work and sit at a desk. Come home, sit at another desk, then go to bed.

    For fat loss, I think we all eat more calories than we need, and at the same time, we think we're burning more calories than we think we are. Furthermore, at least regarding men, there's a fascination with bigger size and larger numbers on the scale. I have been guilty of this pretty much my whole adult life, and now I'm thinking the opposite. The idea right now is to influence my body to start using the "battery" of fat I've enabled it to collect over these last few years. I realize that I'm also doing this the lazy way, utilizing a deficit though lower food intake, minimal cardio and that further rubs some people the wrong way. But, hey, that's why it's my thread

    Let's also consider that I suffer from the male disease of shortness and smallness. A pound of fat probably realistically requires -4000 calories to be liberated. As a small fry, I sure have to do a hell of a lot of work to reach such a deficit! Adding more calories to my intake is not going to help, though my visceral fat would take exception. This goes hand in hand with why I chose walking - it's impact is low on my CNS, but it's reward is high for my health, not to mention it makes me stay outside for 40 minutes. If I added more stress, like weights, or HIIT, or running, it stands to reason I'd be burned out and chronically tired during the day. Hell, I could only hope my activity factor is 1.4, because that'd make things easier, but I think that's being too optimistic. Maybe if I wore that 30lb vest all day... haha

    Mind you, saying all this does not mean I blindly dismiss or discredit other approaches. I'm just firmly behind the choice I've made for myself, and I want to share the findings.

    The light is at the end of the tunnel. Once I get to a nice, low fat level, I can start another log and enjoy the welcome calorie increases afforded to me by the Leangains approach and resistance training. There's that cliche that hard work pays off. This is the hard part, and I hope the payoff is just as awesome.

    Quote Originally Posted by Domenic View Post
    In for this. I share your thoughts on 1,000-1,200 calories a day... I'm down 87 pounds this way, and did I lose a little muscle? Of course. Did I lose nearly as much as everybody seems to think... nope. Keeping an eye on your journey.
    Thanks for stopping by. I think your losses are impressive! That's more than half of me, and I bet it took some strong will. But the best part is that you're somewhat younger, so the sooner you get that part out of the way, the sooner you can take advantage of the lean mass gains that life can afford you right now.

  13. Oh, before I forget...

    Got up at 6, walked 2.5 miles. Started the feeding window early, like 10:30am, but ended before 5pm. I admit, it was a little tough because I am at home, surrounded by food, so I think I got in around 1480. I kept myself busy by cleaning up my computer room, and though I overshot, it's doing me better than a 3k calorie + pizza.

    1 larger apple = 100
    2 slice double fiber bread = 100
    2.5 tbsp Sunbutter = 300
    1/2 cup sunflower seeds = 360
    1 small apple = 60
    1/4 cup chia seeds = 240
    1 cup mozzarella = 320

    Among other news, the grocery store has boneless pork chops on sale, which is awesome, because they're satiating as hell, and I also really want to try this 1/2 pound, 1000 calorie beef burrito idea that I came up with in another thread.

  14. Had crappy sleep, presumably because of too much caffeine / diet soda, but still got up at 6am and walked 2.5 miles with the dog.

    Feeding window started at 11:30am-ish, ended around 5:20pm. Really had to stop so I wouldn't consume more. Total intake 1380 calories today. Looking forward to work and its distractions.

    1/2 cup pumpkin seeds = 360
    2 double fiber bread slices = 100
    2.5 tbsp sunbutter = 300
    1 tbsp chia seeds = 60
    2 smallish/medium apples = 140
    2 hard boiled egg = 160
    2 double fiber bread slices = 100
    1/2 cup Mozzarella = 160

    Gonna try some artificially sweetened jams so that I can eat more of the bread with less calories. Will also consider buying a handful of the more expensive red delicious apples, as a half peck bag of this other kind is just too many and I can't eat all of them before some get rotten. Fasted stats to come tomorrow morning.

  15. Awakened at 5:45, took a leak and gathered measurements.

    Stat: Current (last week)
    Scale Weight: 145.2 lb (150.6 lb), 13.8% (14.7%)
    Waist at navel: 33.25 in (34.5 in)
    Right Upper Leg, standing: 20.8 in (20.5 in)
    Right Upper Arm, unflexed: 10.8 in (11 in)

    Name:  wk2 - fullfront.jpg
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    Not adept at taking self pics, but I should've shot one last week, because it would be quite obvious how much larger and bloated my stomach was at that time. This week is a good start, but let's see what happens into next week.

    Oh, I did happen to find a pic that I snapped in January, when I was about 153lb. It's somewhat close to what I would've started with on Monday 11/28, which includes all the eating and drinking I did over the holiday.

    Name:  beginning.jpg
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  16. Feeding window was 11:30am to 6pm.

    2 hard boiled eggs = 160
    1 tbsp chia seeds = 60
    1/2 cup sunflower seeds = 360
    1 jar mushroom & pepper pasta sauce = 400
    5 meatballs = 333

    Damn it, keep hitting 1300 cals. Well, I'm not entirely worried about that, because I gave my dog a portion of the 2 eggs I ate, but I'm counting it in full, anyway. Gonna get some shopping out of the way later on.

    One thing that sucks, though, is it's supposed to rain quite a bit between now and the next couple days, which may impact my walks. If it just conveniently stops between 5:45-7am, I'll be happy.

  17. Didn't walk today because it was rainy. Looks like more of the same for tomorrow, which is annoying on many fronts. I have my measurement tomorrow morning, but since traffic will suck donkey dick, it's probably gonna waste the entire morning. I'm gonna take my scale weight / % and compare to what I find out tomorrow.

    Feeding window started at 11am but had to extend until 8pm because I got home late from work and the pork chops took a half hour.

    Anyhow, oven roasted some pork chops - found out that they taste really good with fiery hot and Caribbean jerk seasoning. Not sure how to count the cals because sources vary wildly. It could be from 550-700 cals.

    1 Apple = 100
    1 tbsp chia seeds = 60
    4 double fiber bread slices = 200
    4 tbsp sugar free jam = 40
    3 small pork chops ~0.6 lb ~=550-700
    1 cup mozzarella to finish off the bag = 320

  18. Ok, results are in.

    Weight: 146
    Fat %: 16.5

    my scale , this morning, said 145/13.8% for comparison.

  19. Ok, now that I have some time and a computer upon which to post...

    So, it was my second time around with the Bod Pod:

    Name:  bodpod.jpg
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    The printout I received also provided me the readings from my last measurement, which was interesting.

    Name:  wk2 - bodpod - now vs then.jpg
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    In late March, the reading was 14.2% body fat. This is what it looked like:

    Name:  14percent.jpg
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    I haven't lifted much at all since Mid-July. Didn't walk that much, either, since I had lost the desire to get up at 5AM to walk before the big-time heat set in. Plus, walking my dog in 90 degree heat is abusive. (This is among other personal issues and work travel in April, July, and August).

    Since that initial reading, I have gained 3.398 lb of fat and have lost 0.908 lb of lean mass. Granted, a lot of time has passed, so I can't know for certain if that drop happened as a result of what I did just now, or over time. It will just have to be seen whether this changes when I see the dude for another reading, probably mid-late January. I'm actually surprised this wasn't worse, because I was really eating like a pig, and at any/all times of day!!

    The RMR calculation, clearly, is based on the fat free weight, but it should help demonstrate why I think it's best to keep my calories at or very near what I proposed. The provided estimated TEE measurement is a generous 1.51 multiplier, but for practical purposes, the 1.28 multiplier is probably the best value (1887) to use as a baseline.

    Going forward, this is where it gets interesting. Since 11/28, I have intentionally avoided supplement use. However, thanks to Dr. Houser, I've been learning some interesting things here, and am itching to put together a regimen which might help the progress along and, hopefully, mitigate some of the lean mass losses.

    So, what's the opposite of progress? Did you say, "congress"? Indeed, my body's constituents are screwing around and arguing about the calorie deficit right now. This was expected, but through willpower, I am going to force a resolution through continued deficit spending (haha) because I want the debt to increase! I shall have my way and build a bigger calorie burning workforce by way of free fatty acid refunds to my middle section.

    Anyway, today I was treated to Subway for lunch at noon. It was a reward for fixing up another computer. Got a foot long BMT with lettuce, tomato, green peppers, hots, and black olives. No cheese, because for some mysterious reason, they did not have Swiss. And a bag of Doritos. Since getting home, I've had a hard boiled egg and an apple, and I'll likely have a couple of bread slices w/jam just to add some insoluble fiber. Not sure what the total intake was, but I will allow things like this when they occur, because it's a small price to pay for increased job security.

    Still looks like the weather's gonna be wet and crappy, so I probably won't walk tomorrow. Stop being wet and just snow, damn it. It'll make the walk nicer and more challenging.

  20. Lot of detail, man. Impressed.

  21. Thanks for checking in, Domenic. Glad to know some are watching.

    Today's stuff:

    Didn't get up until 8AM, but finally had a chance to walk. Decided that I had to use the 30lb vest since I missed the last two days. 2.5 miles w/dog chow.

    Oddly enough, once I got home, I felt pretty invigorated, and this would last pretty much up until maybe a half hour ago (6pm), after I had some protein powder. Now I feel like I'm fighting off drowsiness.

    Feeding window was 11:30am-6:30pm.

    Decided to take some supplements today. Couldn't believe how many it was after I wrote it down, but some I am just trying to exhaust so I can get rid of them without feeling like I completely wasted the purchases.

    1 scoop Watermelon Xtend in 16oz water
    2g NOW Beta Alanine
    1g Vitacost ultra DHA (1g DHA / 0.2g EPA)
    1.8g Vitacost Turmeric Extract w/10mg Bioperine
    1.7g Swanson Cinnamon Bark
    200mg Swanson Ubiquinol
    250mg Healthy Origins Citicoline
    1.6g Carlson Phosphatidyl Choline (from 4.8g complex)
    10mg NOW Astaxanthin
    2g NOW Krill Oil
    1.5g Prosource Fish Oil (0.9g EPA / 0.6 DHA from 2.5g concentrate)
    300mg Swanson R-Fraction Alpha-Lipoic Acid
    500mg Vitacost Trans Resveratrol (From 1g Herbal Extract)
    2g Vitacost Blueberry Extract
    1g NOW Holy Basil Extract
    500mg Swanson Fenugreek
    400mg Carlson Magnesium
    400mg Swanson Mustard Seed Extract
    NOW ADAM Multiple

    Meals: ~1210 cals.
    10 oz Pork Chops = ~550
    1 apple = 100
    1 tbsp chia seeds = 60
    Supplements = 100 (the fat content from the fish/krill oil, DHA, and Phosphatidyl Choline)
    2 scoops Dymatize Elite XT in water = 250
    4 slices double fiber bread = 100
    5 Tbsp sugar free jam = 50

    Interestingly, the only time I felt really ready to eat was at the first meal. That was 3 small, seasoned, roasted pork chops, followed by an apple. The fiery 5 pepper seasoning really rocks.

    Name:  pork chops fiery.jpg
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    I also ordered some Poseidon NT to see if it'd help me actually achieve consistent, restful sleep. Hope to have it by tomorrow so I can test it this weekend.

  22. Started the morning with a 2.5 mile walk & 30lb vest. Could've nearly torn my right hip flexor after a sudden slip on the frost covering one of the many pedestrian bridges on my walk path. I'll probably go without the vest tomorrow just to ease things, but it's just a minor tweak.

    Feeding window was 12:30pm-8:30pm.


    1g Vitacost ultra DHA (1g DHA / 0.2g EPA)
    1.8g Vitacost Turmeric Extract w/10mg Bioperine
    1.7g Swanson Cinnamon Bark
    200mg Swanson Ubiquinol
    250mg Healthy Origins Citicoline
    1.6g Carlson Phosphatidyl Choline (from 4.8g complex)
    10mg NOW Astaxanthin
    2g NOW Krill Oil
    1.5g Prosource Fish Oil (0.9g EPA / 0.6 DHA from 2.5g concentrate)
    300mg Swanson R-Fraction Alpha-Lipoic Acid
    500mg Vitacost Trans Resveratrol (From 1g Herbal Extract)
    2g Vitacost Blueberry Extract
    500mg NOW Holy Basil Extract
    500mg Swanson Fenugreek
    400mg Swanson Mustard Seed Extract

    Meals: ~1240 cals.
    8 oz Pork Chops = ~450
    1 apple = 100
    1 tbsp chia seeds = 60
    Supplements = 100 (the fat content from the fish/krill oil, DHA, and Phosphatidyl Choline)
    1 Scoop of Syntha 6 = 200
    6 DumDumPops = 150
    1/4 cup Sunflower seeds = 180

    Finished off the last of the pork chops. Damn, those were good. Also got my Poseidon Night Time as expected, gonna see if it assists with sleep.

  23. Jealous of pork chops and Dum Dums.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Domenic View Post
    Jealous of pork chops and Dum Dums.
    Haha, don't be. Nah, I'll give you that. I'm no Emeril, but these chops came out good. Store also has a sale on chicken breast this week, and the price of boneless pork chops only went up 50 cents a pound, so I might get more. I also went and ordered a slow cooker, with the hope that I could use it to prepare larger quantities of food. It'd be perfect - I could fill the thing full of meat & spices in the morning and have it ready to eat after work. It's actually pretty cool - it comes with a carrying pouch so you can make stuff and conveniently take it to parties.

    Anyway, it's been a long day on short rest. Tested out Poseidon NT last night, found out that 2 scoops of it provided an agonizing niacin flush. However once that finally subsided, I proceeded to have a crazy/odd dream. Still got up at 6AM, and walked the dog 2.5 miles without the vest. No lingering pain from my hip flexor now, but it was slightly aching in the morning.

    Tried to take a nap, only succeeded in getting one hour before my neighbor called. I had planned to lend her my chipper/shredder, but had no idea when she'd ask. The abbreviated sleep sucked, but I've been up and active since then.

    Later, I picked up and moved all my dumbbells and free weights, lifted some of the rubber mats on my basement floor, and moved the cable machine so I could run my newly acquired Hoover carpet cleaner. Also had some Sporicidin mold killer / disinfectant to use with the wash. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but so far, the basement smells a LOT nicer than it did. Might have to do it over again, if only because I could not believe how much dirty waste water there was.

    Today's stuff: Feeding window 12:30pm - 6:30pm. Screwed up at the very end; I involuntarily dumped 2 scoops of protein instead of the 1 scoop I intended. ~1400 calories today.

    Meal 1: 1 Newman's Own Margherita Thin Crust Pizza = 840
    Meal 2: 3 slices of bread + 5 Tbsp Grape sugar free jam = 200
    Meal 3: 2 scoops of Ultra Peptide Cinnamon Roll in water = 360

    No supplements - because I plain and simply forgot.

    Tonight, I'm gonna go easy on the Poseidon, but I'll also have the advantage of being exhausted.

  25. All in all, a mildly lazy day. No, scratch that, a lazy day. After being exhausted last night, and with a little help from Poseidon NT, I was not in the mood to get up at 6AM. I ended up struggling to move at 11AM. Eventually, I'd take another pass at cleaning the basement carpet. There was still a some dirt and grime, but nothing compared to yesterday. Then proceeded to have my blood pressure elevated by the Lions game (don't laugh).

    Haven't walked yet, but haven't ruled out a night walk, either. If I do, I'll mention it tomorrow, otherwise I'll just wait until morning.

    No vitamin supps again. Feeding window started at 11:30 & ended at 6pm.

    Meals: ~1355
    3 egg (225), 2 hotdog (300) omelette = 525
    1 apple = 100
    1 Tbsp chia seeds = 60
    1 bottle pasta sauce = 350
    2 italian sausage links = 320

    Ultimate lazy bastard man omelette. Even though it's a little burned, I don't mind it that way.
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    It's funny - right now, I feel like I have succeeded in dealing with most cravings - at least those outside the feeding window. However, I also haven't had a beer since the last time I mentioned Guinness in my log, and that's starting to annoy me like crazy. It's also winter time, the season of dark brew, and that's all I really like - stouts and porters. Trying to hold out until the holiday parties start at work, which is the week of the 19th.

  26. Took a scoop of Poseidon NT last night, and while I didn't fall asleep quickly (stupid Cowboys / Giants game) I feel like I got adequate rest. I did get awakened a few times but each time I was able to fall back asleep. Dog chow got up growling because she heard more wild animals outside, but luckily she did so just before my alarm went off. Much unlike yesterday, I was able to rise and move like I had a purpose.

    Awakened at 5:45, took a leak and gathered measurements. Same as last Monday.

    Stat: Current (last week)
    Scale Weight: 145.4 lb (145.2 lb), 13.9% (13.8%)
    Waist at navel: 33.06 in (33.25 in)
    Right Upper Leg, standing: 20.69 in (20.8 in)
    Right Upper Arm, unflexed: 10.75 in (10.8 in)

    Name:  wk3 - fullfront.jpg
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Size:  70.6 KBName:  wk3 - fullside.jpg
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Size:  72.0 KBName:  wk3 - upperhalffront.jpg
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    Then I took a 3 mile walk w/ 30lb weight vest. T'was a tit bit nipply at 24 degrees.

    Even though the weight and relative percentage measured from my scale have barely increased, the important part is that the waist decreased. A reduction of only 3/16 of an inch is better than an increase or no change at all. I'm sure it didn't help my cause when I didn't walk for 3 days this week; 2 due to crappy, rainy weather and another because I was just too dead tired to get up early.

    Nonetheless, I expected my body to resist and throw a tantrum. It's only tried by making me feel cold and tired, and on occasion, depressed. Thank goodness for fleece sweat pants, fleece blankets, and gas heating.

    Keeping tabs on the basement cleanup aftermath. If it passes my sniff test over the next couple days, it will be a huge breakthrough.

  27. Ended up being a good, busy day. Decided to kill some remaining leave so I could finish off the basement cleaning. Spent a lot of quality time down there, in fact. No nasty scents were lingering. And, I practically got in a "lifting" session, since I rearranged all of the free weights and plates, including a couple deadlifts so I could move my hex bar (with two 45lb plates) from one section to another. The new layout gives me more room around the leverage system, but now my chinup station kinda looks out of place. Oh, well, I'll deal with it for now.

    UPS came by and dropped off my slow cooker... and my Nitrean+ & Turbo Shaker mixing cup. Needless to say, I justified a little more intake not only because of the "lifting" and the walk, but because I needed to test out the shaker. It passed.

    BTW - those sneaky bastages at AtLarge Nutrition decided to do a 20% off AND free BCAA promo the day AFTER I bought my stuff.

    Among other things - I was making pork and beans and ran into a scare when my manual can opener just fell apart. I had to jerry-rig it 4 times with vice grips to open up a small can of Campbell's beans.

    Anyway, today's meals: 1340

    1 can pork & beans = 490
    2 hot dogs = 300
    2 scoops Syntha 6 = 300
    2 scoops Dymatize Elite = 250

    Gonna finally go shopping and get some chicken and beef...and a can opener. Maybe I'll get some pepperoni slices, too. I want to try a pepperoni omelette.

  28. 2.5 mile walk with 30lb weight vest. Started eating window at 10AM because I was just plain hungry, and anticipating the use of my slow cooker wasn't helping any. However, that ended up becoming a semi-fail. Tried to make 2lb of chicken breasts, but it came out really dry, despite being super tender and falling apart. And, it was as if I had put almost no spices on it. Yet, my house smells awesome... whoopty ****. So, I ended up eating like 2/3 of this myself, and keeping the remaining third in the fridge to use for dog treats. Naturally, I went way over budget because I kinda hate leftovers, but at least I did so with tons of protein. 1680 on the day.

    Meal 1: 1 jar pasta sause (400) + 2 sausage links (320) = 720
    Snacks: 1/2 cup mozzarella (160) + 1 Apple (100) = 260
    Meal 2: ~1.3lb chicken breast = 700

    Did another sniff test in the basement. So far, awesome. I went to the area I designated as the 'trouble zone' and actually sniffed the carpeting there. Sure enough, there were faint hints of the telltale funk that fueled my concerns. Basically, there's about a 2 foot area inside of the sliding glass door which has/had a mildew smell. The area closest to the door, which wasn't covered with rubber mats, ended up being the cleanest. I started spraying cleaners there a while back, since I first presumed that the funk was concentrated in that area. Luckily, I was able to lift up the bench portion of my Powertec system and remove the mat. I still have half a bottle of Sporicidin left, so I'm gonna soak the hell out of the trouble spot with the carpet cleaner vac one more time, if only to really get it deep down in the fibers and also pick up where the mat used to be.

    Is it wrong to be a man and actually be giddy about cleaning? But hell, I'm one step closer to using my gym.

  29. I was taking inventory of food items yesterday and realized that I had some whole wheat tortillas whose "use by" date was approaching soon. Not to mention, I had lots of 85% lean beef to consume. So, I thought ahead and decided to increase my walk this morning to make up for some of the damage I knew I was gonna inflict. I went further down the path than usual, but decided to bring the phone/GPS to see how far it actually was. I used to think it was 4 miles, round trip. Turns out I walked 5.6 miles in 1 hour and 13 minutes (no vest).

    A couple hours after that, I was big-time hungry, so I browned about 1 lb of 85% lean ground beef. Mixed some pepper and hamburger seasoning in it for flavor, and warmed up 3 of the wheat tortillas. On each "burrito" I added 1/4 cup of mozzarella. It was so damn good and filling... but I couldn't finish it all. Dog chow didn't mind. If I had to guess, I ate only 90% of the meat. I was good to go for a long while, but after work I ended up having an apple and about a cup worth of sunflower seeds.

    3 tortillas = 450
    14 oz beef = 950
    3/4 cup mozzarella = 180

    1 large apple = 120
    1 cup sunflower seeds = 720

    Totals out ~2420.

    There's a silver lining to this, however. I know I doubled what I wanted to keep under, but this scenario gives me an idea of what I can do to mitigate what I know is going to happen during two of my work days next week with beer and holiday parties.

    While I was at work, though, it really made me think about better food utilization. Here at home, it's just me. The dog counts as maybe 1/4 of a person. All the things I can buy are good deals, but it's a huge quantity. I'm also really swayed by the recent report about the carb cycling being more effective, as it would lend credence to utilizing lean gains-like IF sooner. Add the fact that my mold problem is basically solved, so I can use the gym to work out. But best of all, it does allow a slight bit more intake, which is more practical than I've been doing thus far. And, I've moved up from being a ****ty cook to a barely adequate one.

    Now, food for thought. I went to the nifty IF calculator to run my numbers. I presumed I was still at 146 lb / 16.3% fat, and I chose sedentary for the activity factor. Very interesting stuff, not to mention, still quite practical.

    Ok, so here's a presumable breakdown of rest / workout days:

    Name:  wk3 - lgcalc.jpg
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    And, this is how it could potentially play out:

    Name:  wk3 - lgcalc2.jpg
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    If I could reasonably maintain that schedule, I'd be in great shape, literally and figuratively, for my goal deadline of July. Gonna have to sleep on it.

    Among other good news - can't wait to try some DS Craze tomorrow morning before I leave for work.

  30. Ok, so yesterday was really busy and a little crazy.

    Yesterday's exercise was 3 miles without the vest. I went to work, expecting to fast the entire day so that I could come home and make another pound of beef for burritos. Well, just before 1pm, a coworker calls me and says, "hey, come to the lab, there's food!" and I'm like, "what?! there's a holiday party I didn't know about?" but I had to do my part and sample the goods. Not sure how much I ate, but it was at least my daily goal of 1200, if not more.

    However, prior to that, I took about 4/5 of a scoop of DS Craze, because I wanted to test it out. Normally, I have this energy lull 1-2 hours after I walk in the morning, and it takes a lot of effort to snap out of it so I can get my ass in gear and start moving. Well, I decided that it'd be a perfect time to dose it.

    Surprisingly, an hour later, its effects were noticed and I soon began to immerse myself with work. Ok, so back to the holiday party - after that, I pretty much worked non-stop until about 6:45pm, and had to take my work home with me.

    When I got home, I then proceeded to pan cook the remaining 2lb of ground beef, because it said that the use-by date was 12/13, and I had misread it as 12/15. ****! So I proceeded to eat what I believe was over a pound of 85% lean beef, spread amongst 4 burritos (whole wheat tortillas) with 1/4 cup mozzarella on each. Ah, man - I felt like I was gonna die... of satisfaction. Same for dog chow, as I gave her the remainder of the beef. She was knocked the **** out soon after.

    All said and done, I overate, but thanks to a little late-morning help from Craze, I was up from 5:45am until about 12:30am. Took my Poseidon NT and actually enjoyed nice sleep until I popped up, fresh (oddly enough) at 5:45am.


    After the positive effects I experienced yesterday, I wanted to employ DS Craze in a different manner. Because I ate so much, I decided that I had to walk another 5.5 miles. This time, I would combine my usual 2.5 mile walk with the usual 3 mile walk. For this experiment, let's call my formula "B-Crazey". I took about 8 ounces of water and added a scoop of Craze along with ~10g of bulk, plain BCAA's. Took it in a couple swigs and headed for the door with dog chow.

    I didn't really notice anything until I was probably 3/4 of the way back to my house on the 3 mile portion of my walk. But, once again, the focus was on, and I was sure enough feeling ready to take on the remaining 2.5 miles. And, take it on I did. It's kind of amazing - I basically kept my same 4.5 mph (maybe faster this time, I don't know) pace like I was still fresh. Very interesting. Even better, there were hills that I just walked over without much difficulty or increased breathing. This is quite odd, because there are a couple of extended grades, and they usually make me huff at least briefly, once I reach the top. This time? No, it was like I was walking on flat ground. Same thing as I got closer to home. I hate that no matter which way I go, the last 1/4 mile home is uphill. I'm usually itching to just get it over with, but when I got in today, it was hardly a chore.

    As of this writing, I still feel quite ready to take on the rest of the day. I'm not jittery, my heart isn't racing, I'm not sweating profusely, I'm not overheated... nothing but a strong, positive, focused vibe. I have to admit, Craze exceeded my expectations. I thought the host of Super Human Radio was going overboard with his praise, and I thought some of the other user accounts were a little exaggerated, but I am a believer now. And, if this continues, it's going to make my fat loss / recomp journey much more fun.


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