From 225 to 197 and NOT SURE what to do next!

  1. From 225 to 197 and NOT SURE what to do next!

    I actually started at 235 about 2 1/2 months ago and worked my way down to 225 which is where I was when I started the thread "from 225 to 203 and still going". I am at 197 now and actually have a six pack for the first time in I dont know when. I do want to shed more fat but I'm afraid if I keep going in this direction I may lose more muscle in the process. I have, by the way, managed to maintain a decent amount of muscle in this cutting cycle. The cycle has been 100% natural also. My diet for the last 4 weeks have been 160 g carbs / 200 protein / 40-50 g fat, and on the weekends I cheat a little to keep my metabolism up.

    This is the before pic at 225. Name:  before (2).jpg
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    This pic was taken today.Name:  new pic  11-20 (2).jpg
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    Here are my main questions

    1. Should I continue cutting and reach my desired bodyfat % before bulking


    2. Should I do a clean bulk (I say clean bulk but I know the holidays are here) now then cut from where I end up in 6-8 weeks

    My thoughts are: I want to get to the desired bodyfat % but I dont want to lose any more muscle in the process. Also, if I bulk now for 6-8 weeks then start cutting from a much lower bodyfat % than I started out at before the results have the potential to be outstanding.

    Also, I have CEL estane on hand. Any help is much appreciated.

  2. I would keep cutting man, but SLOWLY. Dont starve yourself, if you diet more slowly it will take much longer but you'll keep alot more muscle and strength.. Get nice and lean (8-10%) then do a clean lean bulk..
    thats my 2cents

    edit: and for how much you weight that protein seems low.. even the fat seems a little low

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