primatene tablets

  1. primatene tablets

    I've never taken ephedrine before. Just bought some primatene tablets to help me with weight loss. Each tablet contains 12.5mg ephedrine HCL and 200mg guifenesin.

    I'm stuck at 17 body fat.... I've gained 15 pounds in last two months yet somehow maintained my body fat at 17%. My goal is 10% or less bf. My concern is the ephedrine might eat away at my muscle as well as fat. Any experiential advice and knowledge would be appreciated.

    I do cardio, lift hard and heavy and eat really well. I'm concerned if I eat any less I'll stunt my muscle growth.

  2. Are you doing ECA?

  3. How are you measuring bodyfat? 15lb gain in 2 months, with no change in BF? If you can do that, I would not be worried about losing muscle, as you clearly have good genetics for muscle building.

    Muscle loss IMO is overblown, until you start getting really LEAN. Getting to 10% and maintaining muscle is not a huge feat, if things are dialed in.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by jamesm11
    Are you doing ECA?
    What is ECA? forgive my newbness I'm not yet familiar with all the terms and acronyms..

  5. I'm getting eight point caliper tested at my gym and I have a withings wifi body scale at home,,, it measures weight and body fat.
    I've gained some visible muscle, but have gained some fat too or my bf would have gone down .....

  6. ephedrine +caffeine + aspirin stacked together

  7. I do include a lot of caffeine in my daily diet with my morning espresso and my preworkout dose of stuff.... no aspirin though,,,, what does the aspirin add to the mix?

  8. you take them together, ephedrine and caffeine work synergistically. alone they're far less useful. the aspirin is to keep your BP in check. it's not necessary for some


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