Need Some Help

  1. Need Some Help

    Hi Everyone. I used to weigh at 280 pounds. I'm 5'7 and i would say i'm an endomorph type build. One year later i'm now weighing in at 186 pounds, I've almost lost 100 pounds and am very happy with my accomplishment in that aspect.

    Though i'm still not even close to happy with the way i look because i still have quite a bit of fat on my stomach and chest. I really want to thin it out because at my weight i should not have this much fat. How do i go about getting this fat off my stomach and chest?

  2. Do different searches on here relating to abs and chest workouts. You're bound to find something that will help.
    Highly recommend this supplement that has helped me lose weight with diet and exercise:

  3. HCG Diet protocol directs you always about the perfect diet. i love the way it works towards weight loss.The HCG eating plan is particularly restrictive through with don’t just the number of calories you may consume per day, but what types of foods makes up many calories.

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