I can't get drunk??

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    A few weeks ago, I decided to try drinking 10 shots of tequila (Jose Cuervo). This stuff is 40% alcohol and it's the worst tasting stuff ever, but nevertheless, I drank 10 shots in about an hr. and a half. I took a shot about every 10 minutes or so. I was somewhat unsteady on my feet, but didn't fall over. That's about it. Everything else was pretty normal. Talked normal, could think normal, I even surfed the net and posted messages with no problem at all. Didn't throw up or even felt like it. No hangover next morning, just a wee bit of a sensitive stomach so I ate breakfast real slow, but I never felt like throwing up. No headache, nadda.

    So I think I've officially quit trying to get drunk. I'm done.

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    Well, actually, I can get drunk.....fairly easily...

    but one of my friends, they cannot get drunk to save thier lives...

    they, no ****, had like 8 shots, 2 beers, 1 wine cooler, and a mixed drink all in the span of about 40 minutes or so... and was only slightly beginning to get a buzz, and the thing is...they're not really a consistent drinker (meaning, only drinking every once in a while)

    if I had that much, I would probly pass out, and need to have my stomach pumped.


    So....the question I have is:

    How can this person have such a high tolerance for alcohol, while at the same time being a "novice" drinker?

    does it have something to do with how their liver processes the alcohol??


    YJ, I would especially like your input on this since the human liver is one of your specialties.


    Thanks ahead of time,

    Replace all alcohol with VVVVVV

    You effectively double the amount of alcohol you intake, double the amount of alcohol and there you go.

  2. Despite whatever is said on here I know that those who imbibe to the point of being severe alcoholics get drunk easier as the liver is wasting and can process less and less efficiently the more it's abused. I have a friend who is a drunk and gets wasted on a sixer of pbr, it's the opposite of tolerance in relation to narcotics abuse.

  3. Unbreakable
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    You are correct in the aspect that once one has damaged or hindered the liver performance your tolerance does decrease.

    That is usually in the latter stage symptoms of alcohol abuse (behavioral) and the beginnings of true alcoholism (physical). At this point continued use does take a turn for the worse, as the alcoholic usually does not regard this new tolerance and continues to drink at or beyond his previous rate.

  4. why is buying 6 cans of larger cheaper than 500 gms of bluberries.?
    So much emphasis on eating the right foods over here-UK- which is endorsed by the GOVT and schools and top chefs, yet supermarkets seem to under ride all of it by promoting cheap booze, and all kinds of junk food.

  5. instead of all that liquor tell her to try drinking only beer that quick, see what happens. I used to drink only liquor, no joke i could drink a bottle of vodka to myself and still go out and party and drink a few beers. I stopped drinking liquor (it makes me do stupid **** sometimes) and switched to beer. First time I drank beer only i was tanked around 13, tolerance is now really high again but my guess is it is a combo of the drinking of the liquor and some drinking genetics. If this doesnt work make a few zombies, they never fail.

  6. I was googling and when I found this thread I had to register just to post this...

    I'm 5'1, 105lbs, 25 years old. Since Highschool I've floated around 103-105lbs, to give you an idea of my fitness. And well anyways, I have an extremely high metabolism. It's basically like a hummingbird. I can eat pretty much anything and never gain weight. Back in Highschool I used to get a strawberry malt every day after school and I never gained a pound. Some friends could gain weight just thinking about food.

    Anyways, I didn't register to post about that... I just figured that a little back history on my metabolism wouldn't hurt. I'm actually posting because like a few of the other posters here, I'm practically immune to alcohol.

    I have never been drunk, or even felt tipsy. At most I've maybe felt a very slight buzz, at least I guess I did... I may have just wanted myself to feel something. I've never had any kind of change in my personality, speech, the way I think, muscle function or any of that though. The only exception being that I have to pee like crazy when I drink.

    I've really tried my damndest to get drunk on several ocassions as well. To provide an example: An entire bottle of Crown which would be ~25 shots, in addition to several Smirnoffs (grape, cherry, green apple, etc.), several high point beers from some other state, and even a fair amount of tequila --- all of which in under an hour. Not even tipsy, barely a buzz.

    So, I'll throw my towel in with the "practically immune to alcohol" crowd.

    With that said, I'm not a drinker nor an alcoholic. I only drink maybe a few times a year (if even that!) and only socially. I've only tried to get completely hammered drunk ~4-5 times in my entire life and each time was a ridiculous amount of alcohol which had no effect.

    My father, from what I'm told, was an alcoholic. He'd never be seen without something alcoholic in his hand. That is, until I was 3 or so... So, I'm guessing it's possible I may have inherited a high tolerance from him in addition to my really high metabolism (metabolic tolerance?).

    The only other thing I can think of is that ever since I was little I had wine at least a few times a year... though nothing to write home about... just something like a nice d'Yquem at a family dinner or something, but I guess that could have contributed early on to building up a tolerance or something.

    But yeah... I can't get drunk either. Oh and I'm definitely not diabetic. I'm very active and eat really healthy. I even stay away from sodas, and generally things with high fructose corn syrup, anything enriched, hydrogenated stuff, and a whole host of other unhealthy things. Actually, I'm probably abnormally active. Back in school I was doing all sorts of things... dancing, (a whole slew of different martial arts), track, swimming, gymnastics... I'm about as far from out of shape, fat, or unhealthy that you can get. Oh... I do have a big butt though, kinda like Kim Kardashian or something, and I have a DD cup. Dunno if either of those are relevant, but I think it's genetic too. Maybe my butt's eating all the alcohol hahaha!

    Anyways... When I saw this conversation I felt compelled to register and post so I could share my inability to get drunk here too. It's kinda bizarre isn't it? I mean, I'm with that guy that posted earlier saying that it's disappointing. I mean, I'm naturally curious too... I'd at least like to know what it's like to get drunk. But I guess it doesn't really effect my life that much. It's not like I'd want to get drunk other than just to see what it's like at least once, so I'm not too bothered by it. It sure can be frustrating though not being able to...

    Well, that's all I guess! If nothing else maybe I've helped mystify and stump anyone trying to figure out how such things are humanly possible even more!


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