recomp diet advice for shredded mass (epi) cycle

  1. recomp diet advice for shredded mass (epi) cycle

    Will be starting shredded mass (epi) next week and was looking for diet advice. Im wanting to do a tkd diet (im carb sensitive) so high protein, moderate fat, low carb. Here's what I have so far for a non lifting day

    30g protein, 4 scrambled eggs

    50g almond

    2 tins tuna with 2 tblspoon olive oil

    50g almonds

    2 steaks with vegetables

    Before bed
    30th casein shake with 2 tblspoon whole peanut butter

    Protein 220 fat 121 carbs 11 calories 2038

    Any tweaks would be much appreciated.

    Also on lifting days how many carbs should I have pre/post workout and should these be in liquid or meal form.

    Thanks for your time.

  2. Forgot to mention will be eating salad with all meals. Just the usual cucumber, lettuce, toms, carrots.

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