Adding carbs

  1. Adding carbs

    Am currently on an extreme low carb diet. I am planning on a wheat/gluten free diet. What should I use for my carb source and should I just swap diets or ease back into eating carbs?

  2. Id say ease back into eating carbs, but that's just me im a pro carb guy. Carbs have gotten a terrible wrap over the past few decades because of all the processed foods that came along when really if you really focus on the complex carbs our grandparents grew up with there some of the most beneificial foods out there. Carbs help to break down fat, carbs are our main source of energy via ATP production and provide tons of nutrients not found in most protein based foods, There also essential for muscle growth. So many positives and the negatives we think are out there, the fat gain specifically is ludacris choose the right carbs and you'll see better results then no carbs.

  3. Thanks man, I may start with really low glycemic index vegetables and then go with sweet potato for the majority of my carbs. I'm going to start creatine in about a month so I guess I'll have lots of carbs with that.

  4. I agree with jumpshot! Our bodies, and especially our brains, need the glucose from carbs. carbohydrates do a get a bad rap and for no reason! they are good for you, as long as you are keeping your carbohydrates 100% whole wheat and complex carbohydrates, no white bread, enriched flours! I would also say ease back into them, and just watch your portions sizes of course, don't over do it and you'll be fine!

  5. I agree with Jumpshot and Jentry. Just never neglect your fibrous carbs like broccoli, kale, etc. So good for you... all kinds of side benefits like broccoli has anti-estrogenic properties, Randy Couture used to swear by Kale in helping his recovery time.... either way though, if you don't want to eat them raw or steam them get a really good blender and throw them in when you're blending up your protein powder, flax oil, some blueberries, a little greek yogurt.... yummmmm



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