I need help

  1. I need help

    I am new to bodybuilding and i been trainin for a year now and i have gain alil muscle and i am sorta fat now. My belly has grew alot so my question is do i need to cut or just go ahead and do a weight loss program ive got my diet bout as low as i know and dnt feel im loosing Any fat. Cals are 1700. Protein is 253. Carbs. 100. I weigh 270. And prob 30% bf. I dnt wanna loose any muscle cuz if i lost my belly i wud look decent. My matabolizm is slow and sud i drop my protein more

  2. Well in the past i just ate and just aimed for protein intake. So little time = alot of fast food. But now ive started my new diet which is
    7am. Shake
    8am 6 egg whites and whole grain bagel
    10am shake with two apples (small) 210g
    12 pm 8oz chicken breast, 1 cup broccoli
    3 pm shake and two small apples
    6pm 1mr. Then train
    7pm shake and 20oz gateraid
    8ish 8oz chicken breast and broccoli
    And currently am runin eca stack 25mg/200mg/321mg

  3. Try incorporating some High Intensity Interval Training into your workouts. It's a great fat loss workout and should help to rev up that metabolism long after your workout as well. A good start is to begin with a 5 minute warm up, than move on to 30 seconds at 10mph and 90 seconds at 5mph intervals. Repeat those 10 times and end with a 5 minute cool down. Doing this 3-4 times a week on top of your muscle building workouts should help you to burn that unwanted belly fat without losing muscle.

  4. Thanks everybody for ur help. Ill keep ya posted. And eca stack is effedrine/caffine/asprin

  5. It sounds from your report that you have a lot of weight to lose. You really shouldn't have let yourself reach such a high weight while training!

    People on this forum are always so enthusiastic about gaining as much weight as possible and taking as many supplements as possible that they lose sight of the bigger picture. There are so many reasons why its better to be light than heavy and people should focus on maintaining low body fat before they consider gaining weight.

    In any case I would personally recommend that you reduce your calories to 1200 calories a day spread over 3 meals. This is because you have a lot of weight to lose and if you only lose it at a pound a week it would take you approximately 18 months to reach 8% body fat!

    If you are concerned about losing muscle your fears are completely unfounded. There was an article in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition that trialed a cohort of men on a 800 calorie a day diet with resistance training and they didn't lose a significant amount of muscle. People are too afraid of losing muscle and always forget even if worst comes to worst and you do lose a small amount of muscle you can always gain it back easily.

    On another note, concerning the ECA stack. I would strongly recommend you visit your pharmacist every week and get your blood pressure taken while on an ECA stack. I would personally recommend against taking it but you obviously have your mind made up about it though if your blood pressure reaches over 130 mmHg systolic or 90 mmHg disystolic at rest you should discontinue the ECA stack or you could risk injury or death. Remember people have died using the ECA stack.

  6. Yea i agree w you on the eca stack. Yea i do check my pressure reg and yea im just on a trial bases right now. And yea 2 years ago bfore i started thinkin bout bodybuilding i was 280 w higher body fat and wasnt very musclular a fat dude in other words and i lost 80 pounds in a summer and half that winter. And was prob round those numbers at calories but wen i got down to 200 lbs my muscles were small and i been thinkn bout doin that again but am terrified ima loose my hard earned muscle cuz i gained quite a bit but bfore i dnt really kno how much muscle i lost because i didnt know how much i had. So i been tryn research and get others opinions.

  7. Wat wud b ur recomendation on macro number for calorie intake that low?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by chris85 View Post
    Wat wud b ur recomendation on macro number for calorie intake that low?
    Aim for between 70-100g of protein and 15-30g of fibre. If you prefer a carbohydrate restricted diet you should aim for 30-50g of carbohydrates.

  9. What about training?? Still heavy. 4 sets. 8 to 10 reps?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by castro10 View Post
    I agree with Jentry07 on the Hight Intensity Interval Training (HITT) as a form of cardio. However, I disagree on the notion of training so great of an intensity. Too great of an intensity leads to burn out or overtraining. I suggest working at an high intensity for 20 seconds on and 40 seconds walking pace. For example, warm up for 3 minutes walking at 3-4 mph, which ever is best for you. Also for warm up dynamically stretch or loosen up those hip, calves, quads, and hamstrings. Don't just go at such a great intensity without properly warming up or ELSE you put yourself at risk of injury. I suggest after warming up be on a grade of 0.0 & go to 6.0 to 7.0 mph for 20 seconds, then go back to 4.0 mph for 40 seconds. Do this for a total of 10-12 minutes. The mph is just an example so adjust accordingly to your comfort level on the treadmill as well as conditioning levels. If you need advice on dynamic warm up stretches feel free to ask. Good luck!

    Thanks for posting this Castro, I never knew that high intensity would lead to burnout but I could see how! I do this level, but only have been for a week or so. I do have a hard time going this hard most times, so I can see what you mean. I'll have to try decreasing it down a bit! And I agree, go with what you are comfortable with and what works for you. Everyone is at such different fitness levels, it is hard to pinpoint an exact speed that would work for everyone! I appreciate your suggestions!

  11. Will it hurt to get the bulk of the protein from shakes?

  12. You really should aim to get your protein from natural sources. It's not difficult to find ways to get protein if you carefully look at nutrition labels and structure your diet with a calorie counting application.


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