How do I find out what my body fat percentage is ?????

  1. How do I find out what my body fat percentage is ?????

    How do I find out what my body fat percentage is ????? Any quick and easy way to do this???

  2. Best way is body fat calipers most gyms have them if you ask you can probally get a test, or you can get a vague estimate by measuring your waist, neck, wrists and plug them into a calculator online.

  3. Ok cool

  4. The US Navy body fat formula is a decent method of estimating your body fat but can vary depending what time of day you take your measurements. Taking your measurements first thing in the morning seems to give abnormally low estimates.

    Bioelectirc Impedance Analysis scales seem quite useless in my experience because you can get 2% BF variances depending on the time of day you weigh yourself.

    Calipers require a lot of skill to get accurate measurements and this is a skill I never mastered while I owned a pair despite considerable effort.

    The best method is DEXA but this can be relatively expensive and you need to book an appointment with a radiologist.

    Hydrostatic weighing can also be relatively expensive unless you go to a prestigious gym which offers the service as part of your membership.

    If you like my advice rep me.

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