differences in aminos of whey?

  1. differences in aminos of whey?

    I was just looking at the amino acid content of various brands of whey, and noticed that the ratios of all tha amino acids can vary greatly between brands. Maybe I'm the last person to realize this, but I had no idea there were such differences. For example, the BCAA content (leucine, isoleucine, and valine) of one brand was 5.5g per every 22g of protein, while another brand had 4.6g of BCAA per 22g.

  2. Maybe it's cause some are pure whey concentrate and others are pure whey isolate, or some are a blend of both.

  3. theres a bunch of different kinds of whey man. some are expensive some are cheap. some are in between.

  4. Well if the aminos can vary so much between brands, couldn't they vary just as much between batches of the same brand? I don't see how they could keep the label that accurate.

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