My PSMF diet log

  1. My PSMF diet log

    Just finished reading the rapid fat loss handbook by Lyle McDonald and about to start this up today!

    Today I work and going to do IF today. My first meal will be around 2pm and is 5 egg whites and 3 slice of fat free cheese. Second meal is a whey shake and last meal is the same as the first meal.

    Supplements I am using is Erase, DAA and HGH-UP. I am also taking the ECA stack

    Wish me luck!

  2. Good luck


  3. Quote Originally Posted by StakedCop View Post
    Good luck
    Thanks for joining and welcome to the insanity

  4. I was 205lbs this morning. I had a carb fest yesterday so I imagine a lot of it is water and will come off the first two days of the diet.

    Just took 5 caps HGHup since i wont have any food in me for a couple of hours.

    Does anyone know if erase can be taken without food?

  5. 2 days into the diet I was already 199 but then I over did my cheat meal which then turned into a refeed and then into just a carb love fest!

    Going to try and get back on track

  6. I have never heard of this book, sounds very interesting! Do you not eat breakfast on this, just curious why the first meal is at 2? How's your results going 3 days in??
    Good luck to you! I'm gonna have to look up this book, sounds intriguing!


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