Okay guys I had to cut my 4AD/M1T cycle about 10 days short. I hurt my wrist pretty bad and am unable to perform most lifts. I started PCT last week with Arimidex and Nolva. I'm about to phase out the Arimidex and just use Nolva.

Here's the problem. M1T kept my appetite really low and I had to force feed. Now I'm in the middle of PCT and my appetite has come back with a vengeance. On top of that, I can't workout until I heal. I've been gaining fat since the end of my cycle and I look really deflated. I don't want to lose the 10lbs I gained on my cycle, but I don't want to get fat either.

What should I do. Should I keep eating according to my appetite's needs. Should I keep calories a little high, but go low carb in an attempt to not gain any extra fat. Should I add in some sprints and cardio to make up the energy difference. I really don't want to lose this mass.

Should I just go ahead and face the reality that I'm going to lose some muscle if I can't workout during PCT. It seems that this is what's happening. Thanks in advance for your input.