Hazelnut Coffee Protein Shake

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    Hazelnut Coffee Protein Shake

    Here’s another awesome low carb coffee high protein shake recipe to help keep you going through the day! I had been trying to figure out how to make a hazelnut coffee shake without all that unnecessary sugar and stumbled upon Splenda’s line of sugar-free coffee flavored packets. I must say the hazelnut one is fantastic! I will be trying out the french Vanilla the next time! The hazelnuts in the shake give it a little bit of a grainy texture that tastes great!


    1 Scoop Vailla Protein
    1 Cup Unsweetned Almond Milk
    1 Shot of Expresso
    1 Serving (28g) Hazelnuts
    2 Packets Splenda Hazelnut Sweetneer
    2 Packets PureVia
    2 tsp Benefiber
    1 tsp Vanilla Extract (No Corn Syrup!)


    1. Make Expresso and let cool

    2. Add all of the ingredients to a blender and add ice little by little until desired thickness/consistency is reached

    3. Pour in a cup and enjoy! (I garnished mine with a bit of Cinnamon and it was delicious!)

    Like what you see? For more daily personally made low carb and keto recipes check out sinorslim.com

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    8 oz unflavored soy milk
    1Tbs instant coffee (keep mine in the freezer to help keep my shake cold, and the coffee from going stale since I buy everything in bulk)
    2 packets of sucralose
    1tsp psyllium husk (unflavored/organic)
    1 scoop vanilla protein
    1Tbs unsweetened cocoa

    The arginine in the soy milk, phytochemicals in the cocoa, and stimulants in the coffee make this a great preworkout shake.

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