To start bulking or not??? (Please read...Need opinions)

  1. Question To start bulking or not??? (Please read...Need opinions)

    Here's the deal...About 6-8 months ago I attempted my first bulking diet w/AAS. Well needless to say I think my diet was way off, but I have a good feeling that my training was right on. When I started bulking I weighed 173lbs @ 18%bf. At the end of my cycle/bulk I weighed 187 @ 13%. Now you're probably wondering why I am "bitching". When I started my bulk my waist was 32 1/2"-33" at the end it was 36" (measurements taken 1st thing in the morning). The reason I think my training was on is because all other measurements were up a great deal. So now after that whole ordeal I basically sacrificed all my gains to lose the fat in the waste. I.E. kicked up cardio, toned the eating way down and I damn near right where I started, the waist and all measurements. Now I have a good 4 pack, but I have that naggin fat around the midsection (the love handles), sides of my chest and that's about it.

    My breakdown for my 1st attempt at bulking was approx. 4600 cals, 380g of protein, 200-230g of carbs, and about 110g of fat.

    I am currently at 173 again, but this time with 12.5-13%bf.

    Here's the question- Should I continue to lose the fat or do you think if I can get a clean enough bulking together I can go ahead and start while continuing to do cardio until the fat is pretty much gone. Do you think that is to contradictive? If I have lost anyone with what I am trying to ask let me know and I will try elaborate on what was confusing. TIA

  2. Sounds like you're setting yourself up for the yo-yo game. After 2 years of having my weight fly up and down, I've decided to try to get lean and stay lean. Theres no reason why lifters need to go through life being fat-asses (not directed at you). I've come to completely hate the word "bulk" b/c it brings back bad memories. I suggest you try to add quality lean mass with-out going overkill. IMO its best way to make gains is to w/ baby-steps. I used to get soo excited when I was on cycle and the scale would go up 5 pounds every week..what I should have been doing is measuring my waist. Just my 2 cents.

  3. Thanks for the input, bro. Make sense to me and I understand what you are saying. I think my problem was to many cals and everything that came with those cals. I figure if I were to step things down a notch or two I might get that quality lean mass that you were talking about. Measuring my waist has seem to become almost an obsession. I do it every morning. Thanks again...

  4. Slower/leaner gains seem to be easier to keep, AAS or not.

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