George Kofi 16 Weeks to -> Photo Shoot in Vienna! with Pics!

  1. Thumbs up George Kofi 16 Weeks to -> Photo Shoot in Vienna! with Pics!

    I hope you all doing well!

    So I have a Shooting with top Photographers in Vienna on the end of January, that means: Time to Visualize my Goals and creating with my Mind how I want my body should look like!

    I gained this year again some new Muscle Mass ( Canadian Food just rocks! )

    Before I started the Diet I was about 202lbs ( btw I'm 5'10 and 21years Old )

    I'm already 1 week into the Diet. And thats my Next Plan for the upcoming Weeks:

    Week 1-5:

    3-4 times per Week Cardio on Empty Stomach

    5-6 times per Week Volume Training

    1-2 times per Week cardio after my Workout

    Don't count my Calories only my Protein intake its about 250g 300g per Day.

    And after my Workouts usually done around 6-8 p.m. just enough Carbs to restore my glycogen storage's and then till I go to Bed just Protein.

    Week 6-10:

    1 time per Week High Intense Intervall Cardio ( rowing 250meters with 1min rest 5times ) after my Back & Biceps Day.

    3-4 times per week Cardio on Empty Stomach.

    1 time per Week 1 Mile Run or absolute Punishing myself n the Stair Master after my leg Day.

    5-6 times per Week volume Training.

    Week 10-13:

    1 time per Week High Intense Intervall Cardio ( rowing 250meters with 1min rest 5times )

    4-6 times per week Cardio on Empty Stomach.

    3-4 times per Week Cardio after My workout.

    6-7 times per Week Volume Training.

    Week 13-16:

    7 times per Week Cardio on Empty Stomach.

    7 times per Week Cardio after my Workout.

    7 times per Week Volume Training.

    2 times per Week a Keto Day no more than 30g of Carbs.

    My diet is pretty easy I've cut all Sugars except right after my first Cardio Session in the Morning. My Meals are pretty Much Tuna, Turkey and Whole grain products, Eggs, Salad (Veggies), and protein Shakes.

    I got two Supplements: One Protein mixture with Casein and Whey and 50mg Zinc.

    I will probably buy later some Aminos and BCAAs and will replace my Protein Shake in the last 8 weeks to a Whey Isolate and the last 2 Weeks maybe just Aminos.

    My Training: yeah I go Hard and heavy I try to get STRONGER while I'm dieting. And always lifting with a good form! Sometimes I train Chest and tris together sometimes I give my Arms an extra day. Sometimes I hit 1 Muscle twice a week. But that all depends how I feel and how my Body reacts from week to week to my Diet. I look really into improving my 1.Upper Back 2. Arms 3. Chest (Major pec.) I mostly concentrate on my major Pec. because i have really over developed front Delts and if I try to isolate my upper pec my front delts are just getting even more bigger. And than it looks like I have no Chest at all! I am absolutely motivated and ready to top all of my previous Shapes. because after that Shooting I will try to work with a good Fitness Model Agency in UK.

    I hope you Guys will follow me trough that Journey and I hope I will get some people motivated out there!

    And that's the beginning 202lbs!

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  2. Week1:

    I've done so far 4days in a Row Cardio on Empty Stomach and still looking for the right amount of Carbs I should eat. But feeling great so far. Yesterday I was kinda hungry at night felt like I'm starving LOL but a Turkey Salad satisfied somehow my hunger maybe because i ate it VERY slow and read the new Men's Health :P trying to trick my brain/myself haha. It has only been a few days so far but it looks like my triceps is poppin more out or maybe i just lost some water retention under my skin trough the Cardio. I'm so excited

    Oh and btw My lifts are still good now trying to get Stronger in my DB Bench press training around with 75lbs-80lbs 4sets & 10 reps.
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  3. I think your workout frequencies might border over-training

    But Good luck. From the pic you posted you should be absolutely shredded by the end of this.

  4. Thank you! And I hope so really had a clean bulk diet this time and I customize my workout sets and cut down the volume if I don't feel good I trained the whole summer Crossfit and Powerlifting ( Westside barbell ) I know that I don't get easily over trained and I don't have to go to work like others I rest the whole time I have absolutely no stress in my life expect being on time at Sunday for church

    I hope you will follow it
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  5. Rest of Week1:

    Wednesday: Had Cardio today on empty Stomach 30mins. + Back , Biceps Workout, had a whole Banana right after the workout and 30mins after a Chicken Sandwich (Whole Grain) with some Diet Coke and Beef Jerky as my Mid Night Snack.

    Thursday: 1hour Cardio on Empty Stomach 130bpm. and around 5p.m Shoulder, Traps and Upper Back Workout Some Seated DB-Cleans, Face Pulls, Db Lateral Raises, Machine Lateral Raises, and Heavy Barbell Shrugs. And Iso Hold Shrugs. and 30min Cardio after the Workout. Going to cut a little bit down the Carbs today and no carbs after the later workout.

    Friday: No Cardio on Empty Stomach! 225lbs Squats 4x10, Front Squats 4x12-15 + Dropset. Single Leg Extension 3x to failure, Walking DB-Lunges 3x16, Calf Raises 4x10 ( I keep that low because I walk Incline on every Cardio Session ) and after the workout I will fight 30mins+ against the Stairmaster! Eating pretty normal today enough carbs before the workout and enough after! But absolutely Clean and no Sugars/Fast Carbs.

    Saturday: No Cardio. Core Day: Abs and Heavy Good Mornings.

    Sunday: Rest! moderate carbs high protein.
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  6. Good luck! Alot of mass there...U may want to count calories at the beginning just to see where your at.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by dragevo View Post
    Good luck! Alot of mass there...U may want to count calories at the beginning just to see where your at.
    Thanks for the advice and yeah I started to count a bit my calories
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  8. Week2:

    Monday: AM: 60min Cardio on Empty Stomach, PM: Leg Day (Leg routine from a amateur Bodybuilder & good friend sorry can’t write his routine in Public)


    Wide grip Barbell Curls: 4x 8-10

    Hammer Curls: 4x8-10 (Super Heavy)

    Free Motion Seated Cable Curls: 4x 12-15


    Tuesday: AM: 60min Cardio on Empty Stomach, PM: Chest Day:

    Dumbbell Press: 4x10 (heavy)

    Wide Grip Dips: 3xto Failure

    Seated Decline Chest Press: 4x 10-12

    Incline Dumbbell Press: 4x10-12

    Free Motion Cable fly’s: 3sets on my major Pecs 3 sets on my minor Pecs.

    Wednesday: AM: 60min Cardio on Empty Stomach, PM: Back Day:

    Wide Grip Pull Ups: 3-4 sets to Failure

    Lat-Pull Downs to Chest: 4x10-12

    Dumbbell Rows: 4x10

    Hammer Strength Lat-Pull Down: 4x10-12

    Lat Pull Downs to Neck: 4x10-12

    Romanian Dead lift: 4x8-10

    Hyperextensions: 3x20

    Thursday: AM: 60min Cardio on Empty Stomach, PM: Arms Day:

    Wide grip Barbell Curls: 4x8-10

    Alternate Dumbbell Curls: 4x10-12

    Free-Motion Seated Cable Curls: 4x-12-15

    Seated Dips: 4x8-10

    Rope Push Downs: 4x10-12

    Regular Triceps Pushdowns (Straight Bar): 4x10-12

    Triceps Extensions Machine: 4x10-12

    One Handed Reverse triceps Pushdowns: 4x12-15

    Friday: AM: 60min Cardio on Empty Stomach, PM: Shoulder, Neck + Upper Back,

    Lateral Raises: 4x6-8 (very Heavy)

    Lateral Raises on the Machine: 8x12-15

    Face-Pulls: 4x10-12

    Seated DB-Cleans: 4x10-12

    Lat Pull Downs: 4x10-12 (nearly to my throat where I feel a good contractions in my rear Delts and Traps.)

    Heavy Shrugs: 4x6-8

    Plate Shrugs: 3x20


    Sat & Sunday Rest.
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  9. good luck man! that's a helluva lot of cardio you're gonna have crazy endurance to go along with your definition by the end of this


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