Apples and bananas during cutting

  1. Apples and bananas during cutting

    So, my question is simple. Are apples and or bananas a good or bad thing while trying to lose bodyfat? I love them both, but they seem like sugar rich fruits.

  2. After workout have 1 apple or 1 bannana with ur protein shake. That way its put to good use refilling glycogen stores

  3. I personally incorporate a few servings of fruit a day when I'm cutting. Typically less on rest days.

  4. the apples will actually help pre w/o and bananas post,but just focus on macros(cals,ratios)and you'll be fine.

  5. Apples are a great energy source, as bananas will provide you glycogen to repair your muscles after a workout! As long as you are not eating 4 at a time, you'll be fine!

  6. Now with my workout being first thing in the morning, I like to take my pre on an empty stomach. Will eating an apple cut back on the effectiveness of the pre. I have been battling or fighting myself if to or not to eat before workout.... i get up at 445ish and workout starts at 530am

  7. They are fine in my opinion

    Maybe getting for a show fructose can possibly slow fat loss a tiny winy bit but I don't think its a big difference. Ronnie Coleman ate a piece of fruit a day and Dorian Yates said a piece of fruit is fine getting ready for a show and they are extreme dieting so my opinion go ahead and eat a couple pieces of fruit a day MAY50 50 % off
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