New kid on the block wanting someones advice :)

  1. New kid on the block wanting someones advice :)

    Hi, im a 17 year old from australia. i am 5'8 or 172cms and have been lifting weights for 5 and a half months. i started at 78kg and droped it to 68.8kg to the lowest.. that took about 2 months at the start.. (felt so good but still no six pak) so i decided to bulk, i got back up to 79kg in about 3 months. Strength games where awesome, muscles increased greatly. about two weeks ago i decided i wanted to be cut for summer, so i cut lots of carbs out for a kinda pre cut diet. i am now 76.3kg and around 10% bodyfat. (can see abbs if flexed or looking into mirror, so definition is getting better)

    Im all natural and wanting to reach about 7% bodyfat within the next two months. Ithink this is a fair goal. i have written a diet and would like u to change it, critique it or write a new one. ill be sticking to this for 5 days a week with one day where i carb up and the other where i fat flush.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated and might add photos of progress thanks alot

    Meal 1 - 8-9am - Breakfast

    Egg Whites 1 cup 20 0 0
    oats Half a cup (45g) 5.8 4 25.5

    Meal 2 - 10:15am - Morning tea

    Chicken breast 75g 21.8 2.9 0
    Mcains brocoli and cauliflower mix 100g 1.7 0.5 2.5

    Meal 3 - 1:00-2.00pm - Lunch

    John west tuna in springwater 95g 26.7 0.9 0.5
    Wholemeal pasta 50g 2.5 0.5 11.5
    Tasty cheddar block 50g 13.3 16.9 0.3

    Meal 4 - 4:45-5:15pm - Pre workout meal

    Beef mince 95% lean 200g 42 13.6 13.6
    Coon tasty slice (21g a slice) 1 slice 5.4 7 0.1
    Meal 5 - 8:00-8:45pm - Post workout meal

    Optimun nutrition whey protein shake 2 scoops 48 2 6

    Meal 6 - 11pm-Midnight - Dinner

    Jumbo eggs (67g) 3 32.6 41.2 0.6
    Rasher bacon 2 slices 15.5 3.2 1.7
    Total 235.3 92.7 62.3
    Total Daily Calories: 2025 941.2 834.3 249.2
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  2. From the report on your on results it sounds like things have been going relatively well for you and the best piece of advice anybody can give when it comes to achieving results is:

    If what you are doing is working don't change unless it stops working.

    That having been said I have some personal opinions to share on your program so far.

    Firstly, is there a reason your protein is so high? Most people on this forum wouldn't fault this because they generally agree with protein more is better and the board is sponsored by supplement companies that sell protein supplements. The Australian Institute of Sport recommends 1.5-1.7 g of protein per a Kg of body weight and their recommendation is very high compared to other authorities.

    You are consuming almost 3 g per a day! There is no short term health risks associated with high protein intake but over the long term it leads to bone demineralisation as the body is forced to use calcium from the bones to ballance the Ph caused by high nitrogen from excess protein! This phenomenon is known as hypercalciuria. Furthermore there is no dose response relationship between protein and performance meaning more is not better.

    Secondly, 6 meals a day leaves you hungrier than if you eat 3 larger meals. Another problem with 6 meals is that it limits the types of food you can eat because of serving sizes and makes decreasing your calorie intake later in your diet more difficult unless you are prepared to eliminate an entire meal. 3 meals a day also has the added benefit that you can eat a normal meal for dinner like others.

    Thirdly, how fast do you plan to lose weight? Your calorie ballance would be around 2400 unless you are very active; so you would only be in a ~350 calorie deficit! It would be very difficult to tell week by week whether you are losing any weight at all! I personally can't stand to lose weight at less than 1 kg a week and for you this would require a maximum of 1300 calories! Most others on this board are more content with 0.5 kg a week mainly because they have unqualified fears of muscle loss and this would require a maximum of 1800 calories.

    Also note that when I say maximum it means after your entire weekly calories has been averaged out. This means if you cheat on your diet that week this needs to be taken into account. A small treat like a rich chocolate pastry will likely increase your average by 75-100 calories for each day of the week! Some people don't consider this and cheat each week and can't figure out why they don't loose weight and put it down to a slow metabolism.

    In summary I would recommend you change your diet to ~110 g of protein spread over 3 meals a day (need not be equal sized meals) and reduce calories to 1800 calories a day. This is a good place to start but as you progress you may find you need to reduce your calories even more to reach sub 10% BF.

    If you appreciate my advice please rep me.

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