Unwrap Your Abs For Christmas! Annual Holiday Weight loss self challenge thread.

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by MrKleen73
    I have not given up on doing this video I was actually just at this site http://www.depend.com/products/get-samples when I get my sample in it is go time! I figure if I am gonna do it I better do it right. LMAO Lucky for everyone here my diet resolve has not improved as of yet so I will have some "baby fat" to make fun of. I know there is one other fella who didn't do the deed and he can get his sample at the same place I got mine. LOL
    Just ask for two samples. Lol

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Onlychevy6

    Just ask for two samples. Lol
    Recoverbro Elite
    "This is what we've been working on"


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