Cutting Calories Setback

  1. Cutting Calories Setback

    I am using myfitness pal program to track calories burned and food intake.
    To lean towards making the calorie count more difficult I am assuming a daily requirement based on a sedentary life style.

    I have noticed on some days I do quite well and have a calorie deficit of about 500-700.

    But, tonight, out with a guest, I didn't realize the meal launched me about 1000 calories over what I wanted (about 1700 calories daily to have 500 calorie deficit).
    Does this completely offset the 2 previous days?

    I'm just wondering if I have an occasional bad day or two with excessive calorie intake, will it wipe out my accomplishments on the other days?

  2. Definitely not bro. I recommend you incorporate 1 cheat meal into your plan. This revs up your metabolism and keeps you sane!. Im a fat kid at heart and i eat out every now and then. Its like when people say,"if i drink a few beers will i lose my 6 pack" sure their all empty calories and will hinder your success, but the next day is a new day too start out fresh. Keep training hard!

  3. Thanks for information.
    Started about 10 days ago with the counting calories. Definitely helps to keep track of things.
    No official measurement, but I believe about 23% body fat currently. So far, have dropped from 176 to 173. It's harder than I thought!

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