Post Beast Cut --> Clen/N2Burn/N2Flame/Transaderm

  1. Post Beast Cut --> Clen/N2Burn/N2Flame/Transaderm

    I'm in my 2nd week of my beast cycle and I'm trying to figure out a good natural cut stack to get rid of some weight. I'm down to 250 with a 36 inch waist but can't seem to get rid of this damn gut. I was thinking combing RS-Trans/n2flame/n2burn/Clen for 8 weeks. I've run clen before which has helped me pretty well. I was thinking of doing something like this:

    Week 1: Clen (build up to 120 mcg)/Trans
    Week 2: N2F/N2B/Trans
    Week 3: Clen (build up to 120 mcg)/Trans
    Week 4: N2F/N2B/Trans
    Week 5: Clen (build up to 120 mcg)/Trans
    Week 6: N2F/N2B/Trans
    Week 7: Clen (build up to 120 mcg)/Trans
    Week 8: N2F/N2B/Trans

    My biggest question is the dosing on the N2F and N2B; I've never used either product. I think something like this could end well, but I wanted to get some advice before I invested in this.


  2. N2Burn is a new fat burner designed by nate. N2flame + N2stim are the old lipo products. Lipoflame + lipostim.

    Here's a link to info on N2Burn

    Lots of good stuff in that product.

    Here's a thread on N2flame


    Search LipoFlame if you want more info on it. Tons of peole have used it

    As for dosing, Id go with the rec'd info on the bottle. But you could use this dosing here--http://**********************/store/B...tack-p104.html

  3. any updates on how this is goin?

  4. @mich: havent been on AM in a while, I'm planning on starting this after the new year, and also once transaderm is back in stock lol, I'll be sure to start a log when the time comes

  5. adding some forma stanzol would be great if budget allows



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