Should I be focusing on weight loss first?

  1. Should I be focusing on weight loss first?

    5'9", 35 year old male, bodyweight 175.
    Smaller to medium body frame.
    Don't know body fat % but guessing about 25%

    Sorry no image.
    My greatest concern is the belly fat. I could easily pinch about an inch.

    I want to gain more muscle in chest and arms, but I suspect that maybe I should be focusing on just getting the body fat off then build up muscle.

    I was planning on simply using the "myfitnesspal" program to track calories, exercise more, still lift weights...but ensure I am calorie deficient to lose weight.

    1. Is this a good plan to lose the body fat first?
    2. As a rough guess....just rough guess....If 175, 5'9" and 25% body fat, about how much weight do I need to lose. I assumed a target weight of about 165?


  2. Id say 160-162, and yes i would lose the BF before trying to bulk up. The ab/belly fat is typically the hardest fat for males to lose. females have issues with butt/legs/thighs.

    Make sure your getting enough protein tho, otherwise you will lose muscle mass/LBM while you cut off the extra fat around your waist. What your trying to do is a "recomp". The diet/training is well discussed around here. look into other sections, you will find endless info

  3. Question:
    If I determine that I weigh less more often at night, should I be using night measurements as my baseline?

    The last two mornings I weighed 175.6. This evening 173.0

    Which # do I use?

  4. either, as long as your comparisons are made at the same time. morning is usually better as less depedant on what you eat/drink during day. just make sure whenever you take your weight its at the same time, under the same conditions, every time

  5. Okay.
    Thank you

    Also, any comment on people working out in early morning, before they regularly eat breakfast, in order to help burn fat instead of ingested carbs in AM.

  6. I agree 100 percent.

  7. You can do both at the same time. Lose fat, and gain muscle.

  8. I tried so many different supplements and diets up until now; I cant even recall all the names. I battled and was on and off diets the main problem was the moment I went on a diet my energy levels seems to drop like in for real and the lower energy levels the higher the cravings. Im not a lover of sweet things but let me just start a new diet or healthy eating plan and the cravings kick in. My friend introduced me to body2tone, I was really sceptical at the beginning because they also have a healthy lifestyle and recommend exercise me and exercise, not a good idea! Well this product actually increased my energy levels and blocked those terrible cravings. Im still not the exercise boffin but I do walk with the dog 4 times a week for 30min now. This is the first time Im sticking to something for longer than a month and that is saying something. In the Diuretic Complex that form part of the weight loss accelerator it indicates that this complex assist the body with water retention. In addition to benefits such as reduced water retention and weight loss, Diuretics can also have the ability to improve muscle definition without losing muscle size. How is all this achieved? Diuretics block the exchange between sodium and iron, which results in increased urination and higher levels of sodium and water excretion. The best part is that your muscle cells will remain hydrated it is purely excess water that is targeted. I think you should give it a try. I can really see and feel the difference. Good luck!

  9. umm negative, get yourself a lifting plan and incorporate cardio on your days off. If you just lose the fat and not gain any size youll become a skinny fat.

  10. Thanks for info.
    No. I am working out. I am trying to do total body work-outs about 3 times weekly. On workout days, I try to add about 20 minutes of elliptical at end of day.
    On non workout days, I am trying to do about 40 minutes of elliptical.

    Because I work a lot as a veterinarian, I didn't want to risk not leaving out certain body parts, so that's why I am not doing a split workout.
    I also have dislocated my shoulder several times (although surgically stabilized in 2000), I can't do certain types of lifting.

    I have been sticking with:
    lateral raises
    front raises
    bent over raises
    bench press
    DB decline bench press
    cable chest press or machine flyes
    Standing DB curls and some BB curls
    Pulley pushdown, machine tricep extension and some skull crushers
    DB lunges and DB crunches..haven't started leg press, but will

    ON Gold Whey
    Pre Alkalyn
    ON Amino Energy
    Green Vibrance green whole food supplement
    Krill Oil

    Also, curious about working out. I remember when I started I was a bit sore. Felt like a good burn, as if I accomplished something. Now, I really don't get that same burn afterwards. I have changed my workout to increasing weight so max rep is about 8 instead of 10, but wondering if lower rep, higher weight is best for me right now while losing weight?
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by snyper2k2 View Post
    You can do both at the same time. Lose fat, and gain muscle.
    if you're a skilled dieter.

    most people have a hard time not losing muscle while cutting. let alone gaining muscle. although what you said sounds pretty cool, in real practice it doesn't happen unless you know wtf you're doing. which the OP doesn't sound like he does.
    For me, the action IS the juice.


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