Any cheating precontest?

  1. Any cheating precontest?

    Just wondering, for those who have competed, do you cheat at all once you start dieting or is it all clean? I'm about 9 weeks out right now and am dying for a stack of choc. chip pancakes and eggs!

  2. I ate ice cream twice 3 weeks out from my last show... As long as you know where you are in your diet, and you know how you'd react to the sudden change in sodium/carbs in your body.. At times, you could screw up, and end up holding too much water at the last minute..

  3. I got ya, could it effect me that much as far as holding too much water or screwing things up being 9 weeks out?

  4. 9 Weeks out shouldn't hurt, just don't go crazy with it... Take the last few weeks focusing on getting your sodium and water in check, that's how I did it.. Plus, as long as you drink tons of water (min.. 2 gallons a day) as your carbs drop, you'll hold less water since you'll excrete more...

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