complete new starter help please!

  1. complete new starter help please!

    hey everybody!

    so im just starting,

    im and 18 years old female, pretty healthy, except for my fitness and tone of my body.
    i currently weigh 48kg and am 156cm tall (quite short) im looking at having a nice toned stomach and but, though im not sure about what my diet should be, also how frequent i should work out, and what the best exercises to do are.

    if anybody could help it would be awesome!!
    thanks guys

  2. a kg is = to 2.2lbs right?

    if so you weigh 105lbs- which is very light even for a female
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  3. thats very correct sorry im from australia, i know its very light, but my mother is also the same and we eat whatever we want. im just looking for more tone thats all

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