Weight loss tips

  1. Weight loss tips

    Weight loss tips:
    Some effective and natural weight loss tips are
    Avoid all fat foods and fast foods.
    Take low card diet
    Eat raw vegetables and fresh fruits....

  2. Or... Just eat less then your body needs...

    I'm eating fast foods, fat, high carbs and I eat no veggies.. I'm still slimmed enough... I have no goal on gettin leaner atm.

    But it isn't the food you eat that makes you fat, it's the volume of it.. You can eat 100% and not gain a pound, if you stay under your bodies consumption...

  3. 1) Bodybuilders, power lifters and anyone in general NEED healthy fats in their diet. Avoiding fats will cause numerous health issues and hinder progress in the gym, full stop.

    2) Most of us don't eat much card.

    3) Of course vegetables are healthful and should be included in a balanced diet but they are not synonymous with weight loss. Calories in Vs Calories out is all it comes down to, as mentioned in the previous post. ^

  4. I have lost around 10 pounds in a month but I had to basically starve myself and then slowly let my body adapt to the lower weight by increasing caloric intake slowly throughout the period of around a month. Of course your best bet would be to hit that treadmill... hard. lol

  5. drink 1 gallon of H2O. Drinking 8oz water on an empty stomach will boost metabolism by 30%.

  6. Hi dear
    for losing weight you should do following
    Take diet food
    exercise regularly
    walking jogging
    take green tea
    take grape fruits juice

  7. rule of thumb, correct portion to eat is the size of your fist.


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